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  1. This directory is automatically created and populated if you launch LaunchBox, but for some reason BigBox doesn't automatically create it. So if anyone else is having trouble with that, try booting up LaunchBox first, then switch over to BigBox. The update installer should ideally have created that folder though...
  2. In the latest beta update (9.6beta-4), Bitdefender began recognizing BigBox.exe as containing malware. A scan against 70 antivirus systems returned 9 virus threats, the report can be seen here: https://www.virustotal.com/#/file/8b533f04a860a1a97b4bf19cfb0f0b020f5ef045f265b63d5b385f58005b9a12/detection Should I be concerened about these results, or can someone confirm that this is a false positive and that it'd be safe to exclude the file from the search results?
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