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  1. That's a great feature! This should be pinned to the original content post.
  2. @neil9000 I couldn't find any platform video's after launchbox and Unified theme installation. Perhaps I overlooked something? It was unclear to me, so I'm assuming others have experienced the same. The advantage of downloading them through emumovies is that you have multiple video choices per platform. edit: I just read your older comment referencing the Tools option, that would indeed work as well.
    Great custom themes which brings the Hyperspin feeling back into an easy Launchbox setup. For those who have trouble configuring the platform video's, you need to download these separately from the emumovies "Platform Videos". After download, copy the unified videos into Launchbox>Videos>Platforms. Make sure that you strip everything after system name to ensure that LB can find the matching system. e.g. "Atari XEGS - Unified (16x9)(HD)" should be named "Atari XEGS".
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