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About This File

This theme is a port of the HyperSpin Unified Widescreen Megatheme project, which was originally started by gibbawho and continued by many other talented artists over the years. It’s supposed to bring a unified look (hence the name) across all platforms while giving every platform it’s own individual touch.

I’ve tried to stay very close to the original look and feel but also took some creative freedom, especially when it comes to the new fading info panel at the bottom of the screen.
This theme was designed for 16:9 screens and display resolutions only. Big Box will automatically scale itself to a 16:9 aspect ratio when you use a different aspect ratio on your machine.



  • Individual Artwork for a lot of different platforms and playlists + some alternatives you can choose from
  • Matches with the Unified platform video set from EmuMovies
  • Fully animated wheel pointer
  • Spinning discs for disc-based platforms
  • Various other custom animations
  • Uses the weather plugin by @Grila
  • Templates to build your own platform artwork are included as .psd files
  • Brings a small taste of the HyperSpin feeling to your Big Box setup


Currently featured Views:

  • Games Text List View: 3D Box
  • Games Vertical Wheel View 1: 3D Box
  • Games Vertical Wheel View 2: 3D Box + static cart/disc
  • Games Vertical Wheel View 3: 3D Box + rotating disc
  • Games Vertical Wheel View 4: Fullscreen video


  • Platform Vertical Wheel View 1: Fullscreen video + scrolling text
  • Platform Vertical Wheel View 2: Fullscreen video without scrolling text

More Views are planned, so stay tuned.


The theme includes artwork for the following 198 Platforms/Playlists:


APF Imagination Machine
Acorn Archimedes
Acorn Atom
Acorn BBC Micro
Acorn Electron
American Laser Games
Amstrad CPC
Amstrad GX4000
Apple II
Apple IIGS
Arcade Classics
Atari 2600
Atari 5200
Atari 7800
Atari 8-bit
Atari Classics
Atari Jaguar
Atari Jaguar CD
Atari Lynx
Atari ST
Atari XEGS
Bally Astrocade
Bandai Sufami Turbo
Bandai WonderSwan
Bandai WonderSwan Color
Big Fish Games
Camputers Lynx
Capcom Classics
Capcom Play System
Capcom Play System II
Capcom Play System III
Casio Loopy
Casio PV-1000
Commodore 128
Commodore 16 & Plus4
Commodore 64
Commodore Amiga
Commodore Amiga CD32
Commodore CDTV
Commodore MAX Machine
Commodore PET
Commodore VIC-20
Creatronic Mega Duck
Data East Classics
EACA EG2000 Colour Genie
Emerson Arcadia 2001
Entex Adventure Vision
Epoch Game Pocket Computer
Epoch Super Cassette Vision
Examu Ex-Board
Exidy Sorcerer
Fairchild Channel F
Final Burn Alpha
Flash Games
Fujitsu FM Towns
Funtech Super ACan
Future Pinball
GCE Vectrex
Game & Watch
GamePark 32
Hartung Game Master
IGS PolyGame Master
Indie Games
Interton VC 4000
Irem Classics
Java Games
Konami Classics
MGT Sam Coupe
Magnavox Odyssey
Magnavox Odyssey 2
Mattel Aquarius
Mattel Intellivision
Microsoft MS-DOS
Microsoft MSX
Microsoft MSX2
Microsoft Windows 3.x
Microsoft Xbox
Microsoft Xbox 360
Midway Classics
NEC PC Engine
NEC PC Engine-CD
NEC SuperGrafx
NEC TurboDuo
NEC TurboGrafx-16
NEC TurboGrafx-CD
Namco Classics
Namco System 22
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 64
Nintendo 64DD
Nintendo Classics
Nintendo DS
Nintendo Entertainment System
Nintendo Famicom
Nintendo Famicom Disk System
Nintendo Game Boy
Nintendo Game Boy Advance
Nintendo Game Boy Color
Nintendo GameCube
Nintendo Pokemon Mini
Nintendo Satellaview
Nintendo Super Famicom
Nintendo Super Game Boy
Nintendo Switch
Nintendo Virtual Boy
Nintendo Wii
Nintendo Wii U
Nintendo WiiWare
Panasonic 3DO
Philips CD-i
Philips VG 5000
Pinball Arcade
Pinball FX2
Pioneer Palcom LaserDisc
RCA studio II
SNK Classics
SNK Hyper Neo Geo 64
SNK Neo Geo CD
SNK Neo Geo Pocket
SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
Sammy Atomiswave
Sega 32X
Sega CD
Sega Classics
Sega Dreamcast
Sega Game Gear
Sega Genesis
Sega Hikaru
Sega Mark III
Sega Master System
Sega Mega Drive
Sega Mega-CD
Sega Model 1
Sega Model 2
Sega Model 3
Sega Naomi
Sega Pico
Sega RingEdge
Sega RingWide
Sega SC-3000
Sega SG-1000
Sega ST-V
Sega Saturn
Sega Triforce
Sega VMU
Seta Aleck 64
Sharp MZ-2500
Sharp X68000
Sinclair ZX Spectrum
Sony PlayStation
Sony PlayStation 2
Sony PlayStation 3
Sony PlayStation Minis
Sony PlayStation Portable
Sony PlayStation Vita
Sony PocketStation
Sord M5
Super Nintendo Entertainment System
Super Nintendo MSU-1
Taito Classics
Taito NESiCAxLive
Taito Type X
Tandy TRS-80 Color Computer
Tangerine Oric
Texas Instruments TI 99-4A
Tiger game.com
Tomy Tutor
Touhou Project
VTech CreatiVision
Visual Pinball
Watara Supervision
Williams Classics
WoW Action Max


The Add-on package includes artwork for the following 295 playlists:


007 Collection
19XX Collection
2-Player Games
4-Player Games
Ace Attorney Collection
Ace Combat Collection
Action & Adventure Games
Addams Family Collection
After Burner Collection
Aladdin Collection
Alex Kidd Collection
Alien Breed Collection
Aliens Collection
Alone in The Dark Collection
Animal Crossing Collection
Arkanoid Collection
Armored Core Collection
Army Men Collection
Art of Fighting Collection
Assassin's Creed Collection
Asterix & Obelix Collection
Asteroids Collection
Atelier Collection
Avengers Collection
Back To The Future Collection
Backyard Sports Collection
Barbie Collection
Bases Loaded Collection
Batman Collection
Battle Arena Toshinden Collection
Battle Chess Collection
Battletoads Collection
Beat Em Ups
Beauty and The Beast Collection
Ben 10 Collection
Bleach Collection
Board & Card Games
Bomb Jack Collection
Bomberman Collection
Bonk Collection
Breath of Fire Collection
Bubble Bobble Collection
Bubsy Collection
Buck Rogers Collection
Bugs Bunny Collection
Burgertime Collection
Burnout Collection
Call of Duty Collection
Captain America Collection
Carmen Sandiego Collection
Cars Collection
Cartoon Network Collection
Castlevania Collection
Centipede Collection
Chuck Rock Collection
Clay Fighter Collection
Colin Mcrae Collection
Columns Collection
Command & Conquer Collection
Contra Collection
Crash Bandicoot Collection
DC Comics Collection
DDR Collection
DOOM Collection
Darius Collection
Darkstalkers Collection
Dead Or Alive Collection
Defender Collection
Die Hard Collection
Dig Dug Collection
Digimon Collection
Disney Collection
Donald Duck Collection
Donkey Kong Collection
Doraemon Collection
Double Dragon Collection
Dr. Mario Collection
Dragon Ball Collection
Dragon Quest Collection
Dragon's Lair Collection
Duke Nukem Collection
Dungeon Master Collection
Dungeons and Dragons Collection
ECCO The Dolphin Collection
ESPN Collection
Earthworm Jim Collection
F-Zero Collection
Fallout Collection
Fatal Fury Collection
Fighting Games
Final Fantasy Collection
Final Fight Collection
Fire Emblem Collection
Fire Pro Wrestling Collection
Flintstones Collection
Flying Games
Frogger Collection
G.I. Joe Collection
GTA Collection
Galaga Collection
Garfield Collection
Gauntlet Collection
Ghostbusters Collection
Ghouls 'n Ghosts Collection
Golden Axe Collection
Golgo 13 Collection
Gradius Collection
Gremlins Collection
Guilty Gear Collection
Gundam Collection
Hanna Barbera Collection
Harry Potter Collection
Harvest Moon Collection
He-Man Collection
Hello Kitty Collection
Home Alone Collection
Horror Games
Hot Wheels Collection
House of The Dead Collection
Impossible Mission Collection
Incredible Hulk Collection
Indiana Jones Collection
Iron Man Collection
James Pond Collection
Jeopardy Collection
Jetsons Collection
Jim Henson Collection
John Madden Collection
Jurassic Park Collection
KOF Collection
Killer Instinct Collection
King's Quest Collection
Kingdom Hearts Collection
Kirby Collection
LEGO Collection
Legacy of Kain Collection
Lemmings Collection
Light Gun Games
Lion King Collection
Lode Runner Collection
Looney Tunes Collection
Lord of The Rings Collection
Lupin the 3rd Collection
MLB Collection
Madagascar Collection
Mana Collection
Maniac Mansion Collection
Mappy Collection
Mario Collection
Mario Party Collection
Marvel Comics Collection
Medal of Honor Collection
Mega Man Collection
Metal Gear Collection
Metal Slug Collection
Metroid Collection
Mickey Mouse Collection
Micro Machines Collection
Might & Magic Collection
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Collection
Monkey Island Collection
Monopoly Collection
Monster Rancher Collection
Mortal Kombat Collection
Movie & TV Games
Mr. Do! Collection
Ms. Pacman Collection
NASCAR Collection
NBA Jam Collection
NBA Live Collection
NFL Blitz Collection
NFL Gameday Collection
Naruto Collection
Need for Speed Collection
Ninja Gaiden Collection
Nobunaga's Ambition Collection
One Piece Collection
Outrun Collection
Pac Man Collection
Paperboy Collection
Peanuts Collection
Phantasy Star Collection
Pirates of The Caribbean Collection
Pitfall Collection
Platform Games
Point & Click Games
Pokemon Collection
Popeye Collection
Populous Collection
Powerpuff Girls Collection
Predator Collection
Primal Rage Collection
Prince of Persia Collection
Punisher Collection
Puyo Puyo Collection
Puzzle Bobble Collection
Puzzle Games
Quake Collection
R-Type Collection
Racing Games
Raiden Collection
Rainbow Islands Collection
Rampage Collection
Rastan Collection
Rayman Collection
Ren & Stimpy Collection
Resident Evil Collection
Rhythm Games
Road Rash Collection
Robin Hood Collection
RoboCop Collection
Role Playing Games
Romance of the Three Kingdoms Collection
Rugrats Collection
Run & Gun Games
Sailor Moon Collection
Samurai Shodown Collection
Sci-Fi Games
Scooby-Doo Collection
Sesame Street Collection
Shadow of The Beast Collection
Shin Megami Tensei Collection
Shining Force Collection
Shinobi Collection
Shoot Em Ups
Shooter Games
Shrek Collection
Silent Hill Collection
Sim City Collection
Simpsons Collection
Simulation Games
Smurfs Collection
Sonic Collection
Soul Calibur Collection
South Park Collection
Space Harrier Collection
Space Invaders Collection
Spawn Collection
SpiderMan Collection
Splatterhouse Collection
SpongeBob Collection
Sports Games
Spy vs Spy Collection
Spyro Collection
Star Trek Collection
Star Wars Collection
Starfox Collection
Strategy Games
Street Fighter Collection
Strider Collection
Superman Collection
Syphon Filter Collection
TMNT Collection
TRON Collection
Tales Collection
Tekken Collection
Terminator Collection
Test Drive Collection
Tetris Collection
Thundercats Collection
Tiny Toons Collection
Tom & Jerry Collection
Tom Clancy Collection
Tomb Raider Collection
Tony Hawk Collection
Top 100 Collection
Top Gear Collection
Toy Story Collection
Transformers Collection
Turok Collection
Turrican Collection
Twisted Metal Collection
Ty the Tasmanian Tiger Collection
Ultima Collection
Virtua Fighter Collection
WCW Collection
WWF Collection
Warhammer 40K Collection
Warhammer Collection
Wario Collection
Warriors Collection
Wheel of Fortune Collection
Wizardry Collection
Wolfenstein Collection
Wolverine Collection
Wonder Boy Collection
Worms Collection
X-Men Collection
Y's Collection
Yoshi Collection
Yu Yu Hakusho Collection
Yu-Gi-Oh! Collection
Zelda Collection
Zork Collection


The theme will also display a default artwork for Platforms/Playlists which are not yet covered or wrongly named.


How to install:

This theme only works on LaunchBox version 8.2 or higher!

  1. Just download the archive and extract it to:  “..\LaunchBox\Themes\”
  2. Go to the “Plugins” folder inside of the extracted folder and right-click on of the .dll files. Choose Properties -> Click on “Unblock” at the bottom of the window. Close the window. Repeat that for all .dll files in that folder. If the "Unblock" button isn't there than you are already good to go.
  3. Open the Options menu in Big Box -> go to “Views” and change the Theme to "Unified".
  4. Change the “Games List View” and “Platforms List View” to one of the currently featured Views that are listed above.
  5. Make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled.

Info: Never rename the theme folder! The theme folder has to be named exactly "Unified" or the theme won't work properly! (that's btw. an universal tip for all other themes as well)


How to install the Add-on package:

Just extract the contents of the .zip file into your LaunchBox folder.

Note: You have to create the proper playlists for the collections yourself!


How to change the location and temperature measurement unit for the Weather plugin:

1.    Close BigBox in case you have it opened up
2.    Visit the website http://www.woeidlookup.com/ and search for a location of your choice
3.    Go to the “Plugins” folder inside the Unified theme folder
        Path: “..\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Plugins”
4.    Open the “GrilaBBWeather.dll.config” with a text editor of your choice. For example: Notepad
5.    Copy the WOEID from the website and replace the already existing ID in the config file with it
6.    If you want to change the temperature unit from Fahrenheit to Celsius just change the “f” under Units to a “c”
7.    Save the config file and you’re done :)


Known issues:

The logo of the Platform/Playlist and the individual video border don't show up in the Game Details screen and the theme displays the generic Big Box logo and metallic video border instead when it gets opened through any other Games View than the Text List View.


Tips for tweaking your LaunchBox setup for this theme:

  • In LaunchBox: Tools -> Options -> Cart Front Priorities -> Select all Cart and Disc related entries, deselect everything else.
  • In Big Box: Options ->Transitions -> Change "Game Image/Video Transition” to “Fade”
  • In Big Box: To avoid spinning cart art go to: Options -> Views -> Make sure that „Remember separate View for each platform” is checked. Than go either to the Keyboard Mappings or the Controller Buttons settings and set up a key/button for “Switch View”. Now you can go back to your platforms and switch the games Views for each platform individually on the fly.
  • Use the Unified Platform videos from EmuMovies for an overall uniform look. You can either download them as free user from the EmuMovies website or if you are an EmuMovies premium user you can get them directly through LaunchBox under: Tools -> "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos".


What is the Add-on package?

The theme itself will always only include artwork for Platforms and Playlists that also have a Unified Platform video available on EmuMovies in order to provide a seamless experience. Everything else goes into the Add-on package.

More generic playlists like franchises, series, genres, etc. are also only included in the Add-on package to avoid that the theme gets unnecessarily blown up it in its size.

The same goes for everything that differs too much from the default Unified style.


Individual platform artwork not showing up?:

The media files that are inside the “..\LaunchBox\Themes\Unified\Images\Theme\..” folder have to be named exactly like your platforms inside LaunchBox. I've went with the HyperList/RocketLauncher naming conventions for the filenames in this package.

If Big Box doesn’t show any individual artwork for a system that is listed above you may need to manually rename the relevant files for that platform in all four sub-folders.

Also make sure that in the Big Box Options -> Views –> “Show Games List Title” is enabled!


Discs are not spinning / showing up?:

Make sure you have the right Games List View selected and Disc images in your Cart Image Priorities enabled (see the tips section of this download description).

Thanks and Credits:


What's New in Version 1.1.1   See changelog


Add-on package v1.1 - 05.05.2018
- Artwork for 200(!) new collections created by @RetroHumanoid were added to the Add-On package


v1.1.1 - 04.15.2018 - requires LB v8.2 or higher
- Fixed: The video in the Text List Games View was off-centered in all display resolutions besides 1920x1080.

v1.1 - 04.15.2018 - requires LB v8.2 or higher
- General: Introducing the first release of the official Unified Add-on package. It features complete artwork for 95 Playlists; all created by @RetroHumanoid
- Updated: The TextList for the whole theme was revamped
- Updated: The Clear Logos in the wheels are now slanted for a more authentic HyperSpin feeling
- Updated: The "Vertical Wheel 4" View and all Platforms Views are now stretching the videos to fill the whole screen for a more authentic HyperSpin feeling
- Updated: The timings for switching between the game title and additional game metadata were slightly reduced for the "Vertical Wheel 4" View
- Updated: The year of release in the Games Views was moved behind the game title
- Added: The community rating was added to the additional game metadata line
- Added: A new Games View was added: Text List
- Added: The changelog was added as .txt file inside the theme folder
- Added: A guide for setting up the weather plugin was added as .pdf file inside the theme folder
- Added: Pointers were added for all platforms that were previously missing them. All platforms now have a complete artwork set
- Added: An alternative background and logo for the Commodore Amiga CD32 was added (by @reaper595)
- Added: Artwork for 14 new platforms was added. The theme now includes artwork for 198 platforms total!
        - Big Fish Games
        - Commodore PET
        - Creatronic Mega Duck
        - GOG
        - HBMAME
        - Java Games
        - Nintendo Super Game Boy
        - OUYA
        - Origin
        - Pinball Arcade
        - Sony PlayStation Minis
        - Steam
        - Uplay
        - Visual Pinball

v1.0 - 04.01.2018 - requires LB v8.0 or higher
- Initial release

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   5 of 5 members found this review helpful 5 / 5 members

Excelente theme! muy buen trabajo, poder apreciar la portada de los juegos con el cartucho al lado y/o el cd es estupendo, le dá un aspecto muy vistoso. Sin más que decir, gracias por este theme! B|

Ahí dejo capturas, estoy agregando mi colección de juegos de Family Computer y PS2 en LaunchBox/BigBox con éste theme ahora mismo!

Desktop Screenshot 2018.04.02 -

Desktop Screenshot 2018.04.02 -

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

I spent weeks getting all the Unified resources downloaded and sort of running in m old HyperSpin config. Now this comes along and makes me SO happy. It becomes my default theme.

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   2 of 2 members found this review helpful 2 / 2 members

Love this. I wanted the hyperspin theme on launchbox for the longest time. Thanks CriticalCid and everyone else that worked on this theme, wouldn't be possible without all you guys!!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

There have been many themes developed for Big box over the years and as a user/developer i have always been looking that "Something More."  download and testing theme after theme.  I even wrote a theme and a few plugins.  Finally a theme is produced that adds style to multiple platforms within one theme.    @CriticalCid has done this community proud and I look forward to future enhancements of Unified.   



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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Absolutely beautiful! How do I stop the "Wheel" logos from fading out? I can't find that setting.

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member

Thanks for all the hard work in creating this amazing theme!

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   1 of 1 member found this review helpful 1 / 1 member


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   4 of 5 members found this review helpful 4 / 5 members


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   1 of 2 members found this review helpful 1 / 2 members
Hi, I would have to ask some questions, I followed step by step the guide of the theme, on how to install it on BIGBOX, the theme is enabled, but some things are missing, which in the video I noticed:
1. the APPLE II platform is all black;
2. in the video each platform, when selected, shows in the background, the image of the console and in a small box (console monitor) preview videos of some game, to me instead shows full screen only the preview video of game without other details.
How can I solve?
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I have a bug issue:
I get a black screen in the Platform Selection menu, and the Platform Logos appear on the right side.
Only when i BLOCK the GrilaBBWeather.dll It displays correctly but then gets windows errors... please any fix?

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Nice! I missed the unified theme since moving from hyperspin. Thank you.

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· Edited by PlanetSmasher


The theme is amazing and I realized I asked for help in the wrong place... Moved to "Get Support".

Congratulations for such an amazing work.

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· Edited by Mckintay81


One of my favorite looking themes so far. Big credit to all that were involved with creating it.



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Great custom themes which brings the Hyperspin feeling back into an easy Launchbox setup.

For those who have trouble configuring the platform video's, you need to download these separately from the emumovies "Platform Videos".
After download, copy the unified videos into Launchbox>Videos>Platforms.
Make sure that you strip everything after system name to ensure that LB can find the matching system. e.g. "Atari XEGS - Unified (16x9)(HD)" should be named "Atari XEGS".

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Thanks for all you've given to this community. This theme is great and really shows that love you've put into it. I can't wait to see what else you come up with. CH2 was my long time fave, but this is my new fulltime theme. You rock!

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Amazing theme and very easy to customize. 

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Beautiful theme @CriticalCid

Just came back to LaunchBox after a while of being busy with rl. I'm enjoying Next so much and I was in the need of a fresh new Big Box theme for my collection!

This is incredible, it adds so much to Big Box, plus I was looking to a theme that supported all those platforms :) I would give 6 stars if it was possible and the weather plugin with the time its such a nice touch! Thank you so much!

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Amazing !!! this looks great on my BigBox !!! thanks a lot !!! keep the good work going !!!

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· Edited by Gizfreak


Awesome, just an epic theme for your Launchbox.

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Is Awesome!! Recomended.

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It's sleek, responsive and loads fast. awesome theme.

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This is awesome! It's my go-to theme for all platforms now. 

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No doubt in my mind this is one of the best themes for big box PERIOD. 10/10.

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This is a nice simple theme. It's very responsive and looks good. I like the fact that it shows the cart/disc, background and video. I look forward to more fine tuned updates of this theme. Great work of love. Thank you so much for this theme.

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