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  1. Okay after wasting some time from @alec100_94 because im a dumdum, i've finally got this up and running. Now my question is, are the only configs available to download the ones in the google spreadsheet from the first page? If a game is not there, would we be able to request it? Or do you all have a personal preference in where you search for a good config setup outside of @Zombeaver's list?
  2. Sorry for all the trouble P.S. (it works, thanks!)
  3. Yes, with the debug build, I right click and I see it there at the bottom, then I am able to use it. In the live version, I just don't see anything when I right click. Am I installing the plugin folder wrong? I am downloading the repo from github, then copying in the folder. But it's contents are wayyy more than the debug build you gave me.
  4. @alec100_94 Debug build works! Here's the log file using the debug build. I had two dialog boxes {I think the names were "Sony Ps2) and("valid"} pop up and I clicked OK on both of them. When I delete the debug build in plugins and try the regular one, it no longer works. Debug 2018-10-11 11-45-52 AM.log
  5. I'll try the debug build. Also here's the ss of the plugins folder
  6. @alec100_94 I think i did this right? I enabled logs. Opened up LaunchBox. Right clicked on Jak and Daxter. Then waited a bit. Then closed Launchbox. Here's the generated log file Debug 2018-10-10 08-04-18 PM.log
  7. Are you asking for logs from my launchbox? If so, i am not really sure how to generate these. Would you be able to provide some links for instructions? So far the only thing ive discovered is that even though it looks like the plugin is not being detected, if i have launchbox open and i try to delete the plugin's folder, it tells me some files are currently in use and cannot be deleted. I might also just try to get the same build of lajnchbox as other users who have no issue.
  8. Hi there, Just downloaded PCSX2 1.5 build, as well as just downloaded LaunchBox. I have two games in there right now, Jak and Daxter and a modded Kingdom Harts Final Mix. I've extracted the folder to the plugins folder in Launchbox.. but I am unable to see PCSX2 configurator when i right click on either game. Could someone help me? Did I forget something?