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    One of the best Themes I have seen just like the original with extra stuff added into it by the master. But I have an issue I don't seem to get the main menu with the wheel and platforms just like in the video or picture no matter what I do or change, I get the full screen video and the wheel for the platforms? What I am missing bet you is something stupid. Please help out this newbie. Thanks.
    This Theme is Awesome! Great Job. I am currently using it, but have few questions on folders location for the artwork just to be on the save side and get it perfect will try to upload some pictures with arrows pointing to what I need. But Basically is the folder location for the art work ( All of them ) from the games name, manufacture logo, background, games box, etc, etc. Hope you don't mind breaking it down for a newbie. THANKS a lot and great job.
    Beautiful clean theme... Excellent for his age only issue I see on my setup all videos and bottom text including the Recent are off by 1/2 inch so they don't fit on the designated space. I am using the latest version will appreciated if you can guide me on how to fix this issue. Thanks and keep up the excellent work.
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