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  1. Hi! I just discovered this theme and it's fantastic! Is there a way I can make it work in 4:3?
  2. I was having this same issue too, only I would get null and then the game would be in slow motion every time I tried to use my automation bindings for changing the volume while playing retroarch. I cleared my bindings for slow motion and all and it still would do this. My fix? Pause the game first with the new pause feature under another binding. Then change the volume and unpause. This workaround prevents the issue I was having until I can figure out a better solution
  3. Wow this post was incredibly helpful! Now I know what I'll be doing as soon as I have some free time. Thanks!
  4. Hi all! Is there a way to set unlimited lives using this method? I check it off under the settings in Daphne but when I load the game via Launchbox (I used ETA Prime's tutorial to set things up) the games work but no unlimited lives.
  5. hey, no log file appears in that folder but ive attached the log produced by LB Debug 2019-02-24 08-11-04 AM.log
  6. @eatkinola so I've left attract mode running for most of the day and I noticed two things: It doesn't lock up big box anymore! However, after some time (maybe an hour or more) it will completely quit bigbox and send me back to windows. But it works much better now!
  7. Great news! I really look forward to the update. I loved the theme but couldn't keep using it due to the locking up.
  8. I have almost the same setup you have and redream seems to cause a lot of video signal dropouts for me, and that's with the paid version. I switched to demul and it's given me zero issues. So let me know how redream works for you!
  9. Hi! I tried your theme but since my screen is 5:4 everything is slightly off. Where could I edit the theme so that the marquees and videos line up correctly?
  10. I’m sorry for the late reply but I haven’t had a chance to produce the file. However, if it’s any help it happens about 20ish minutes into leaving attract mode running. It doesn’t happen at all when I use the default theme, which I’ve left attract more running for hours without an issue. Not sure if that’s helpful but I thought I would at least give that bit of an update
  11. A script to auto open and close touchmote would be great as it would make the whole process more big box compatible.
  12. So I'm using the latest version of LB and your theme. My media is on my c:, which is also where my LB is. I'll try VLC to see if it works smoother. Edit: Unfortunately, it hangs with VLC as well
  13. @eatkinola hey, I think I discovered an issue. It seems the theme locks up Big Box after a while of Attract Mode running. I've had it happen twice today FYI. Otherwise I really like it!
  14. Nevermind, it was dumb Steam that was applying a desktop configuration to my sticks. Once i turned that off it worked fine.
  15. So my issue is that when I try to input my two USB arcade joysticks, it reads the inputs as keyboard inputs for both of them, and they appear as the same keys too. So essentially player one controls player two. When using generics usb controller joysticks, how do I get demul to recognize them as different controllers?
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