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  1. IT WORKS ! AWESOME !!! Thank YOU !! 😀
  2. Supercool, I didn't know that! I'm trying right now! Thanks !!!
  3. Hi neil9000, thank for your reply. You have absolutely right about the numer of games, the number is referred to files in the folder, sorry, my mistake ! About the cue+bin solution you said, i've tried several times but i surely do something wrong because it doesn't work. When you say "drag and drop onto Launchbox" you mean onto the Import window ? Because i did it in that way...
  4. It happens to me too, I don't think is a launchbox bug. Probably Headrush69 is right, wiki must have changed some API related thing.
  5. Hi everybody, i think i found a bug in the import rom section, when the files to import are a huge number; here what i've found: I've a Sega Saturn folder with 21185 games in it, i've set Mednafen as Emulator then I renamed the folder with the rom files as "Sega Saturn" and i moved it into the LaunchBox/Games folder; i started the Rom Import routine, choosing "Add folder" and selecting the Launchbox/Games/Sega Saturn that i moved before. Choosing the option "use the files in their current location", at the "Ready to Import" window, Launchbox couldn't find ANY rom to import ! After several attempts, I tried to move the Sega Saturn folder outside the Launchbox/Games, in order to easy find it I placed in the root directory of my hdd (D:\Sega Saturn), so i re-started the Rom Import selecting the D:\Sega Saturn folder and, this time, choosing the "Copy the files in my Launchbox Games folder", THIS time Launchbox found ALL the games and I could start to import them. Please note that this 'bug' happens only when the rom files are "a lot" I don't know exactly the number but if you try with a folder with about 100 files it works perfectly in any case. It is also quite IMPOSSIBLE to remove the extension you don't want to add at the "Ready to import" window; if you select, for example, .bin files and the press ESC in order to remove them, the program "freeze" for a very long time. I waited 4 hours in this state and then i had to force quit Launchbox. I use Windows 10 64bit version 1909 build 18363.535 on i7 3,40 Ghz and 8 Gb Ram. I hope this can help. Cheers.
    Awesome Theme !! I'm quite new to Launchbox and i was looking for a good theme for my Bartop arcade cabinet... i don't have to look further, your theme is absolutely the best so far !!!! Thank you for sharing your piece of art !!!
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