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  1. For instance, the ingame text in CoN is always pixelated giving it a blurry look compared to the rest of the game. Can this be improved? Are there any "go-to" settings that can be adjusted to make games look better for small performance hits for those of us that have higher end PCs?
  2. Zombeaver, thank you for all of your hard work and time creating this plugin and configs. It has improved my experience replaying through Champions of Norrath! I just started using Launchbox and this plugin today. I had a similar error as Nikraddin, but was able to fix it by moving my PCSX2 folder to my secondary harddrive. My Bitdefender is overly protective, so if I have file access issues that can't be resolved by adding the program to the exceptions list, I move it to my less protected secondary drive. What settings are best if I wish to improve game quality?
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