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  1. Starting theme soon, did you have a basic tutorial? Too Many video on YouTube
  2. first you must delete all symbol on your chd title he use chdman mame 0.109 but this chd doesn't work with flycast 0.109.zip
  3. Hi, guys. First, i'm french sorry, i try in english xD. What you need ? - OpenBor emulator. releases -OpenBor games in .pak files. Extract Openbor where you want, for me it's on drive D:\ , inside create a new folder " Games" In D:\OpenBor\Games\ paste all your .pak files. In D:\OpenBor\Paks\ you must have nothing it's important. Create a new .txt file in D:\OpenBor\ and paste this : ################## @echo off del D:\OpenBOR\Paks\* /Q copy %1 D:\OpenBOR\Paks\ OpenBOR.exe exit ################## save and rename the new.txt
  4. I run openbor games with openbor as emulator, all games .pak in same directory with .bat script. Si i use autohotkey in launchbox to close game.
  5. just running AHK.exe in third party folder as admin. works fine with $2Joy11:: (bartop button) { Process, Close, {{{StartupEXE}}} }
  6. Hello everyone, I’m doing a little tutorial to help you gain some space on your hard drive. I have in my Launchbox/video folder/ about 50 GB of video snap for each game, all in MP4 format. I looked for a way to switch from H264 codec to H265 codec for a significant gain of several GB. The only problem with VLC is that it seeks to replace the original files of or bug, "the output file already exists" All you have to do is check the "-converted" option in VLC and then use a simple batch to change the file name and match the game in Launchbox. Step 1: Always do t
  7. Bonjour a tous, je fais un petit tuto pour vous aider à gagner un peu de place sur votre disque dur. J'ai dans mon dossier Launchbox/vidéo/ environ 50 Go de vidéo snap pour chaque jeux, le tout au format MP4. J'ai cherché un moyen de passer du codec H264 au codec H265 pour un gain de place significatif de plusieurs Go. Le seul hic avec VLC est qu'il cherche à remplacer les fichiers d'origine d'ou le bug, "le fichier de sortie existe déjà" Il suffira donc de cocher l'option "-converted" dans VLC puis d'utilser un batch tout simple pour modifier le nom du fichier et qu'il co
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