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  1. It was just corrupt on my end. I redownloaded it and it worked fine after that.
  2. I tried for months to figure this out myself and finally figured out it was a random video file during attract mode that was causing it to crash. It didn't matter if I used VLC or WMP. I happened to get lucky and was looking at the screen when it crashed. I'd start by narrowing attract mode down to one system and see if it still happens. If it doesn't, go on to another system and repeat until it does crash.
  3. You're right, windowed mode didn't help. When I tested it last night I didn't realize it was loading the rom from scratch (I have autosave on) after I changed it to windowed mode. The rom's sounds hadn't started yet. I ended up finding the Wootlauncher plugin and the pause function is working exactly how I want with the added benefit of actually stating the controls through LEDBlinky. Launchbox' pause screen wouldn't do that as it doesn't appear the keystroke was sent to Mame prior to suspending it. Bottom line, the combination of your batch file suggestion and Wootlauncher solved my dilemma. Thanks again!
  4. Actually, the Pause screen won't work at all using the batch file as it goes back to the main menu after hitting "Resume Game" and Mame continues to play in the background. It went back to working when I changed it back to Mame64.exe instead of mame64.bat. @Headrush69 You mentioned borderless windowed mode, are you able to offer any help on that? I've searched and can't seem to find a way to do it in Mame. When I launch it in regular windowed mode it works but I have the ugly windows boarder up top.
  5. One downside of this is that the Pause Screen no longer works properly. Am I correct in assuming that it's trying to suspend "mame64.bat" instead of the actual executable? My work around is changing the pause key in Mame to something other than 'P' and pressing that first prior to loading up the pause screen by pressing 'P'.
  6. Brilliant! Thank you so much, this does exactly what I was hoping.
  7. It happens with every rom whether they have many different controls to announce (MK2, SF2) or just a couple (Galaga, DK, Pacman). LedBlinky doesn't start speaking until after the game startup screen is done and Mame launches. In RocketLauncher it announces the controls while it loads. I've tried changing the startup screen display time and that doesn't have any effect, it just waits until the game starts and then starts talking over it.
  8. I was mainly using it for the loading and pause screens and having one less piece of software to tweak and troubleshoot would just make things easier.
  9. Is there anyway to have LedBlinky announce the controls during the Big Box game startup screen? I used to use RocketLauncher's fade in and that worked great but trying to get away from RL if at all possible. Right now, it starts to announce it as soon as the game starts in Mame and tends to get muffled by the game's own sound. Also, anyone have any ideas on how to get LedBlinky to announce the controls when using Big Box pause screens with Mame?
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