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  1. @TwoLegsJim I never tested it with the playlists view (since I don't use it), so yeah that's interesting behavior... I would recommend you use the Text List with Details Game View (i.e. by platform, not playlist).

    If you're set on playlists, you can PM me a screenshot of your view settings in bigbox and I'll see if I can reproduce the issue.

  2. Hi all, I just recently got one of the new Chromecasts with Remote that runs on Google TV (formerly Android TV).  I'm using the Moonlight app to stream games to my new Chromecast.  It works fine for supported games, but when I use it to launch BigBox, input does not want to work.  It works for like a half second after the startup video finishes and then does nothing.  Video, Audio come through just fine.

    I am able to use Moonlight on both my Android phone and my PlayStation Vita to stream BigBox just fine, so I don't know what the issue is.  Is anyone else having this issue or have a solution?


    Update: It's working fine now. No idea what changed! Neeeevermiiiind...

  3. On 7/4/2020 at 8:48 PM, Parse said:

    Thanks, I'll try that. But somehow I managed to edit on notepad. I just wanted to add a wall view in the switch theme:



    But I have some questions:

    1. In the first image, when you just click to view the games, the wall view is scrolled down. How can I make to always be centered vertically?

    2. In the first image, Ace Combat is selected and in the second image, Brave Fencer is selected. They are scaled up as I wanted, however they are going left and right off of the wall. How can I highlight/select a game and it scales up on each axis?

    3. How can I add the names of the games and a transparent strip (like in lanchbox if you select text), and to scale them up when the game is selected?

    4. How can I add a border in the games I select?

    5. How can I sort the games on the wall (favorites or star ratings)?

    You can't do most of what you're looking to do with the Wall View. Those options just aren't exposed to theme creators. If you look at the Documentation PDF included in the Themes folder of LaunchBox, you'll see the options that *are* available. Things like height and width of the component, scale of the game boxes, scale of the selected game box, spacing of the game boxes, etc. You *will* be able to specify a border color for the selected game as you wanted to. Let me know if you have trouble finding the xaml for it and I can look it up later. The Wall View is not as customizable as you're looking for it to be unfortunately. I just don't think it gets used very much. 

  4. On 4/19/2020 at 11:44 AM, Banditt said:

    Weird question/idea - is it possible to have the cartridge on the systems that have it (ex: Super Nintendo) to have the actual cartridge in the machine be the one from the list? Like it pulls from the cart-front folder and then has a fallback if there isn't one there?

    By popular demand, this is now done!  Please see the latest version of WoodPanels on the site.  Tons of other changes too.

  5. 11 hours ago, faeran said:

    Try something like this.

    <Image Source="{Binding Path=SelectedGame.CartFrontImagePath, FallbackValue='pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/[theme]/Images/Default/Nintendo 64.png', TargetNullValue='pack://siteoforigin:,,,/Themes/[theme]/Images/Default/Nintendo 64.png'}" />

    However, like y2guru suggests, this is built into the COMMUNITY Theme Creator, along with a ton of other functions that are not currently possible with just xaml.

    So for a brief portion of a second you can see the fallback image there, before the LaunchBox settings take over and load the fallback there (box art in my case)

  6. 12 hours ago, y2guru said:

    If you use the COMMUNITY Theme creator then you can achieve exactly what you are requesting

    So I've rebuilt most of the theme in the community theme creator (which is, incidentally, pretty sweet).  That said...it's not working for this situation.  I imported a game to my library that has no cart image.  I specified the below in my theme, where you can see the placeholder image for this specific game in the editor...

    1698139913_editordefaultcart.thumb.jpg.1cbcb58beb2082bd43da7f1208c21ea3.jpgAnd yet when I look at this game in BigBox, it's still being overridden by the fallback settings in LaunchBox:


    12 hours ago, neil9000 said:

    I think we already have this  dont we? Try dropping these folders into Launchbox/Images/Platforms/Nintendo 64 and see if it works.

    This doesn't seem to work when you put these images in a theme folder.

  7. 50 minutes ago, y2guru said:

    If you use the COMMUNITY Theme creator then you can achieve exactly what you are requesting

    I figured you'd say that ? - I finished my first cut of the theme juuust before you released the tool.  I am afraid that I'd have to start over from scratch though if I switch now... ? so it's a last resort for me with this theme.  I'll definitely start with it if I make another theme though.

  8. I can dig it!  I put in a request to specify a default fallback image, so we'll see!

    EDIT: Getting lots of responses from my request; turns out it may be possible so stay tuned as I try some suggestions out.

  9. Hey all, not sure if this is the right place for this or not, but I have a request to add a feature for theme creators. @Jason Carr  I need the ability to specify a fallback/default game art image if none exists, overriding the settings in LaunchBox for fallback images.  Here's why in my specific scenario.  I would love to be able to show the actual game cart image showing up in certain consoles for my theme, which works well right now assuming you have cart images.  I ran a test using N64 for example:

    1052511059_BigBoxScreenshot-WoodPanels-TextGamesView-2020-04-2413_12_12.thumb.jpg.5268d92eda14259c224ed561ceea54bc.jpgThat said, I need to be able to specify a fallback generic cartridge to show, otherwise it'll fallback to whatever the user's specified in LaunchBox, which looks...bad.  In my case for instance if I'm missing a game cart image it falls back to a box image:

    1131096336_BigBoxScreenshot-WoodPanels-TextGamesView-2020-04-2413_14_11.thumb.jpg.f14c31494b084fb1ba40d35a85ccb77b.jpgPlease consider adding this ability in a future version of LaunchBox.  Thank you and please let me know if I should move this request somewhere else.

  10. Hey @Banditt and @NOMAD0P I've just published a new version of WoodPanels.  Changes:

    • Added MS-DOS platform device art and platform view by popular demand. (Generic 1 worked the best)
    • Added game 3D box art to all platform views by popular demand; will fallback to 2D box art if unavailable.
    • Adjusted SegaCD image so the console sits on top of the TV.
    • Made some tweaks to how the Sega Game Gear looks; matches the lighting better now.
    • FIXED: BigBox options no longer has the Atari font.

    As for the Arcade graphic, I actually really like what I put in there now.  I tried to do a cabinet first but it just didn't look right.  I may try it again later, thank you for the art sample.  Also I added a patch in the earlier post if you want to try out the N64 cart art.

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  11. @Banditt So as it turns out...getting the per-game cart image to load is pretty easy, and it looks pretty good!  OK some games don't have the best images, but what can you do.

    1052511059_BigBoxScreenshot-WoodPanels-TextGamesView-2020-04-2413_12_12.thumb.jpg.5268d92eda14259c224ed561ceea54bc.jpgPut the box art in there as well.  Downside to all of this is if you don't have a cart image...you can't fallback to a 'generic' cart image.  It will fallback to some alternate art depending on the individual's settings in LaunchBox. In my case, it's falling back to box art, which..looks...no bueno:

    1131096336_BigBoxScreenshot-WoodPanels-TextGamesView-2020-04-2413_14_11.thumb.jpg.f14c31494b084fb1ba40d35a85ccb77b.jpgYou can even see my intended fallback image peeking out behind the box.  I don't think this is something I can override/overcome unless there's an option for theme creators I'm unaware of.

    EDIT: If you want to play around with it, I've attached the files I used for N64.  Just extract to /Themes in the Launchbox folder and say yes to overriding existing files.

    WoodPanels (n64 cart art patch).zip

  12. 16 hours ago, Banditt said:

    Here is an ibm monitor for the MS-DOS Platform from EMU Movies Device Pack that might help.1843915578_PCMonitor02.thumb.jpg.ba089ed186804343509d56cf8cf6f984.jpg

    Thank you!  Just using that would be the easiest for me to use.  Here's what I found on the internet in high enough quality at a good enough angle.  Which one do you all like the best (including the above IBM monitor) to use for the MS-DOS platform? @NOMAD0P @Banditt

    789658981_dosboxIBMaptiva.thumb.jpg.02ccc0337cc923aa65acf7295f097519.jpgIBM Aptiva

    1307732457_dosboxgatewaymonitor.thumb.jpg.579d9485cd1174118c546a1e31fb7ecb.jpgGateway 2000 (I would just take the monitor portion of the image)

    1263912206_dosboxgatewaypc.thumb.jpg.e6ef511403b53a003af95b1a8d64b647.jpgGateway 2000 (I would just take the bottom pc part of the image)

    1377209456_dosboxgeneric1.thumb.jpg.07e150e3fd1fa8ce6605976776485fec.jpgGeneric 1

    1772405792_dosboxgeneric2.thumb.png.a7f2b1f705cc4d5261f62ec841d30de0.pngGeneric 2

    1462293476_dosboxdsc_7799.thumb.jpg.511520a1889203a4cc1d8a5eed7db6e1.jpgIBM 300GL (note: this one would be a huge pain to edit due to the dramatic lighting in the photo.  I'd have to re-build most of it to eliminate the shadows.)

  13. 21 hours ago, Banditt said:

    Love the theme, really clean and high quality.

    Weird question/idea - is it possible to have the cartridge on the systems that have it (ex: Super Nintendo) to have the actual cartridge in the machine be the one from the list? Like it pulls from the cart-front folder and then has a fallback if there isn't one there?

    Thank you!  It is possible...I worry that the cartridge won't line up though.  I can give it a shot though, will put it on my to do list.

  14. 5 hours ago, NOMAD0P said:

    This is pretty neat. I'm wondering if you could do an age-appropriate PC for MS-DOS Platform instead of the Hitachi TV?

    I would be happy to do that. What game(s) do you recommend for the platform? And can you supply a sample image of an age-appropriate PC I can use as a reference?

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  15. WoodPanels Startup Video (Nescade)

    View File

    For information about the BigBox theme "WoodPanels" please go here.
    This is a startup video I created for my theme.  It features a logo for "Nescade" which is what I call my multi-emulator PC, as it sits inside of an old Nintendo's shell.  I commissioned Rushjet1 a while back to compose an original piece of 8-bit music specifically for this video.  Hope you all enjoy it!

    Instructions for use: Place video file in the LaunchBox folder under /Videos/Startup/



  16. Hi everyone, I just submitted this theme for inclusion in BigBox.  Since I initially posted the first version, I've added a ton of images of consoles, handhelds, and computers, as well as the requisite filters list view to be eligible for inclusion in BigBox proper.  Please let me know what you think.  If there's a specific platform out there you would like to see added, let me know!

  17. 2 minutes ago, Retro808 said:

    If memory serves me TopBoxes will give you box views for Favorites and BottomBoxes gives box view for Recently Played. The last one should add a transition effect for videos/images.

    Right but if you're say in the Filters view, and you selected "Regions", where is the Binding for ImageView actually looking for images in terms of the folder structure? i.e. "North America"?

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