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  1. Hmmm, my bad. I did see that before, but I thought it was an issue tied to Window's decompression tool built into the OS. Didn't know it also affected WinRaR. Thanks for the quick reply.
  2. Hey there, sorry if this was covered already but I searched and didn't see it. I have never used this app before but wanted to give it a try. This is my second attempt with fresh download each time. Every time I open the app I get a ton of this same error. The error repeats anytime I try access anything else in the default template, after I cleared out of the first set of errors. It does not make the app crash, just can't do anything. Is there some dependencies that I am missing? Due to Errors, the following UI Element has been disabled
  3. Unfortunately I can't help with this, but I just wanted to say this looks really cool.
  4. I read through the posts in this thread and I understand that I need to rename config folders some times for various reasons for different cores. But I am trying to get the PSX in RetroArch to work with the Beetle PSX core (not HW). I tried renaming the PCXS-Rearmed folder to "Beetle PSX", but this just doesnt seem to be doing it for me. I know Im on the right track, just not using the right naming. Can anyone point me to the correct naming for the config folder for Play Station - Beetle PSX? Nevermind. The change to the folder name did work... just some of the half dozen games I was testing with didn't have bezels for them. But others did work. So I have a different problem now that I have to figure out.
  5. I recent set up Mame and while trying to play any of the games... after a min or two it switches me out to an error that saying you can have more than one running at a time. I have seen up to 4 of these in the background at a time before I just give up and stop playing. The game itself will play ok on it's attract demo, but once I start actually playing is when I get this problem. So obviously it has something to do with the controls I have set up, just not sure where. Any assistance would be helpful.
  6. I just started using it. Seems pretty easy. Just followed the directions.
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