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  1. @jayjay Would you be able to modify this plugin and re-purpose it for the Wii U platform, which has the same folder structure as PS3 (folder in folder and executable file is not named after the game). I am sure a lot of people would appreciate this.
  2. And what is the compression ratio by doing that? Some wii u titles compress from 25 GB to 3-4 GB using the wud compression tool.
  3. Hi, How do you compress the extracted (decrypted) game folder structure of a Wii U game? I see there are some tools that compress the raw .wud image and make it into .wux file with around 50% compression ratio, but all my games are ripped in raw folder format. Regards
  4. @DOS76 Sadly unchecking use all controllers did not help. I also noticed that escape on the keyboard does not work for PS1 games. I would gladly provide logs/screenshots to get some help in understanding why this does not work.
  5. @jayjay Big thank you, works like a charm! You saved me the hassle of manually entering a lot of games.
  6. Has anyone tested this with the latest version, maybe it broke? I finally have my game library ready and want to be able to navigate, play games and exit them entirely from the xbox 360 controller. However the exit part is just not working for me, neither in Launcbox, nor in BigBox. It doesn't work for any emulator either. I have retroarch, rpcsx2 and rpcs3. How do I exit the active game and get back to launchbox/big box immediately from controller only? Would appreciate any feedback, the above answer is not working for me, I see it is not working for @tallpr24 either. Thanks in advance!
  7. I'm resurrecting this page because I could not find a more relevant one. Did someone manage to import rpcs3 games in Launchbox in batch? If so, please do share how? I have around 70 games (all playable in rpcs3) that I want to import in launchbox. Doing it file by file and pointing to eboot.bin is tedious task. Will there be a filter implemented in launchbox to search on its own for the eboot.bin file when you point it to Playstation hdd0 folder? @Jason Carr
  8. Ok, thanks for your help! I don't like Kodi, but I would have to think of something ..
  9. @neil9000 My main concern is I am going to launch this PC directly in Big Box and it is not going to be a full blown Windows PC (Launchbox would be the shell). Main goal is for my kids to be able to start the machine and control everything from an XBOX controller. There would be no switching between apps, Launchbox is THE APP. Or maybe I misunderstood your suggestion? Is there Kodi/Launcbox API integration, so that I can setup the movies collection within Kodi but use Launchbox as the front end? If that is the case, then I won't care for Kodi's settings and looks.
  10. @neil9000I've tried Kodi and don't like its default setup. Maybe if I spend days reading and configuring I could make it appealing to my taste, but I just don't have the time and willingness to do that. I was hopping images would not be tied to the name 1:1, as for example I have 9 seasons of Masha and Medved TV series each season 10 series. So I kind of wanted to add single image and all episodes from 9 series could point to it .. or a single image for each season .. this way when tied to the name, I need to copy the same image 90 times and rename it according to the file name. Is there really no other way?
  11. Hi helpful retro gamers, I imported movies into my Launchbox instance following this nice tutorial However the movie scraper plugin does not work (it just does nothing when you select scrape movie). I saw multiple people have reported it no longer works, so at least I know it is not a problem on my end. However I still want to populate my movie collection with Clear logo and FrontEnd box images at least. I was trying to figure out how the relation between game and image works, but alas could not. In the C:\LaunchBox\Data\Platforms\MyMoviePlatform.xml I expected to have the links to the images, but nope. Can someone explain how do I point an entry from Launchbox to show particular image that I've copied over to LaunchBox\Images folder manually? I apologize if there is docs or tutorial for this anywhere (although I doubt it, since Launchbox tries to automate these things). Regards
  12. +1, would be great if some dev could take a look and fix it.
  13. Plugin not working for me, as @xevidroid has stated in March: when I select Scrape Movie nothing happens at all. This is a new machine, so I initially thought that I might be missing some prerequisite, but no prerequisites are listed on the plugins page.
  14. I tried to use the script from this thread along with different versions of 7z.exe and always get the error: Scan WARNINGS for files and folders: Crash Bandicoot - The Wrath of Cortex (USA) (v1.01).iso : The system cannot find the file specified. ---------------- Scan WARNINGS: 1 System ERROR: The parameter is incorrect. Press any key to continue . . . I can confirm there is a single .iso inside the .7z and it has the same name as the archive. What am I missing?
  15. @CDBlue Was that all you added as custom CMD line param? Cause I just tried it and it wouldn't do anything. Does it also require -c for config file or anything else? Edit: confirmed, you also need -c param .. my custom entry looks like so: -L "cores\mame2010_libretro.dll" -c "retroarch.cfg"
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