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  1. my external hard drive failed (where I had my launchbox/bigbox) on my desktop... I had a backup of it on my laptop... I decided to do a fresh install of windows 10 and buy a new external hard drive.... I plugged the new external hard drive into my laptop and moved the launchbox/bigbox onto it... (bigbox did work on the laptop) ..when I plug it into my desktop... I see my license in the corner of launchbox... everything works when using launchbox... when I try to open Bigbox... it just opens launchbox again full screen... I deleted the Bigbox settings file to reset it but that didn't work... Everything is up to date... windows/graphics card/direct X/launchbox etc.... Im also running it as admin.... Any ideas on how to fix? EDIT I fixed it by renaming my Launchbox folder to "Launchbox Backup"... Then I reinstalled Launchbox on another folder.... After I deleted the new Launchbox I just installed I went back to the one I Imported and renamed it to "Launchbox" and Bigbox worked after that....
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