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  1. I saw a mosh pot of clips of the skateboard dude inserting coin, pacman and superman lasering someone from a good old Hyperspin intro video with an epic music that's one of my all time favorites when I used to use Hyperspin. You wouldn't happen to be the creator of that one as well? Would love that converted exactly as is to show Big Box / Launchbox logo instead. Found on Youtube on the one I'm referring to: Hyperspin intro
  2. Yeah I was trying to download it yesterday, but it failed to download. After the 11.3 update today it was able to download the video again when I tried again. Thank you! Fixed!
  3. I'm trying to use the big box cinematix platform video for PS3 but it's no longer available? Is there anywhere else I can download this? Seems like it's one of the best looking ones out there. PS3 Big Box Cinematix Thank you!
  4. Holy cow! Totally forgot about this epic HBO theme until I saw it here. This brings back memories of my HBO movie watching big time back in the day. If someone could make a Big Box start up with this I also think that'd be awesome!
  5. Hi NJDave71, Yes. I also tried to rename the artwork file to try and work around it, but it shows a corrupted screen in game so it is forced as default somewhere. Couldn't find any indication where in the mame.ini is reading the artwork directory with MAME 0.209 so I use background 0 under the artwork section in the Mame.ini which currently does the trick. However, this doesn't work in MAME 0.216. Thank you!
  6. Hello NJDave71, I'm running a customized version of MAME 0.209 that I downloaded somewhere from the internet and it may or may not have originated from you. My MAME 0.209 currently starts up without any nag screens including the "initializating" screen with the white border that is present for me in your NO NAG MAME 0.216. I have another thread in this LB forum asking about my version of MAME and with some helpful LB members led me here. I tried to simply replace the MAME64.EXE with your NO NAG 0.216, but the "initialization" screen with the white border is now present and in addition for
  7. Hi DOS76, Thank you! I'll try this NO NAG MAME and report back later. As for the GLASS effect in video option, I don't have an option to change or disable it with the base version of MAME 0.216. Will check to see if this NO NAG version has it.
  8. Hi Neil9000, Thank you for taking your time to respond. Hmm...you may be right about a non-stock version of MAME which I started to suspect but don't know how to confirm. It was a MAME build setup with Launchbox I used from the internet which saved me lots of time to setup myself to the way I preferred. Perhaps I may need to somehow try to see if I can track down the user that compiled the MAME 0.209 or google to find out how to get the correct version of MAME I'm using now updated with the latest 0.216 base version features.
  9. Hello LB Forums, Wanted to see if anyone else on here tried the latest MAME 0.216b and experienced this yet? I updating from MAME 0.209 to take advantage of their new -lowlatency option offering to minimize input lag further with a Variable Refresh Rate (VRR) LCD monitor. Everything is fine, except two things with 0.216b for me so far. Not sure if it is because of MAME itself or I'm missing something in the latest version. 1. Under MAME artwork, use_backdrop 0 is no longer taking affect in the mame.ini file for 0.216b. It is also apparent that the option to turn backdrop off w
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