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  1. I've been adding my steam games via steam://rungameid etc etc and they launch fine, but i'm finding they're not loading the additional apps of an autohotkey script that's set up to run before and after launch. Is there something I must do to make it work?
  2. yeah i guess that was more the question - does anyone know how to drop a windows menu bar from displaying?
  3. I found this tribute edition of my little pony where it's like streetfighter but w/my little pony. my daughters love it, so i want to put it into bigbox. the problem is that the game in still has the windows menu bars on the top. if you do full screen, it's kind of a hot mess. anyone have any ideas on how i could get this to display full screen without the menu in launched from big box? I'm not going to post links but a quick google of my little pony tribute edition shows the dl links. thanks!
  4. there’s a version of it that has a bezel and settings. you simply drag the exe into launchbox, pick windows as the platform. tweak it as retro said. it works well!
  5. I'm wondering if anyone has gotten this yet? It works great but every time it prompts me to set the clock, even though the time is good to go. wondering if there's a way for me to fix that permanently or stop that check? Thanks!
  6. pause theme area is pretty inactive. i wanted to post it here for visibility with theme makers.
  7. Here's what I'd like to have, please tell me if this is 1. even possible 2. done already or 3. if you'd like to help me get it done (I'll pay!): Pause theme would be a graphic for each game that would have the instructions for controls. I will create the graphics for each game this would apply for. I just want to be able to drop in a file into a folder and it work magically... Attached is my current mockup, which matches the design of my controller. Thanks!
  8. I’ve created some stuff for games that didnt have metadata. How can I add that info or submit the data and files?
  9. so i could use default pause theme and use my images named for each game?
  10. i thought we were discussing in the context of Launchbox. I'm sure a video would work well, but as I pointed out, most videos are 2 seconds of actual help and 9 minutes of fluff.
  11. Written instructions are better than video. Something is better than nothing. Thanks!
  12. thanks man! i know there's a ton of videos around, but i must be an old guy or something at 38 where i just can't stand listening to amateurs drone on and on when i could just look at a bullet list for an answer. and 4 minutes of "subscribe and watch my other videos." thats a long way of me saying, would it be helpful to create a wiki for your awesome software? i could chip away at it. it wouldn't be perfect but it'd be something? let me know
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