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  1. Hi @LogicalEgo Could you pass me that version of the core for Game and Watch? I'm trying to download some version of the Handheld Electronic (GW) core from retroarch, but I can't find any now. Even updating the list of cores today from the retroarch application. šŸ˜ž Thanks.
  2. Hi @angryherbalist when you say '....then i enable/disable this utility with an AHK script in launchbox...' Can you show me any screenshot about it with your AHK scritpt detalis ? Thanks, I've never used AHK before
  3. hi @angryherbalist the list is in the same post: šŸ•¹ļø LIST OF BEST / FAVORITE MODERN GAMES TO PLAY ON ARCADE MACHINE WITH JOYSTICK CONTROLLERS šŸ•¹ļø šŸ‘¾ Update date: 08/18/2020 _v1_ (sorted by insertion date) Broforce - 2P+ Cuphead - 2P Streets of Rage 4 - 2P+ Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 - 2P Slice, Dice & Rice - 2P Dragon Ball FigherZ - 2P Sine Mora - 1P Im lookinf for suggestions to grow this list among the contributions of the users of this forum. At the moment I have only included the games that I have tested myself, and as I r
  4. hi @eatkinola amazing work! Do you have any news or thinking in a next update/upgrade about your very charismatic theme ???
  5. Hi group, I have recently migrated the frontend of my arcade machine from Hyperspin to the Launchbox / BigBox / Retroarch triad. Now, I am choosing very well which platforms/games / ROMs to upload to my new system and prioritizing QUALITY and personal taste, instead of quantity (I don't want to have 20,000 games as before and not get to play at 1%) With this objective, to looking for modern games, and to refloat previous threads of this forum and other Google channels that I have been reading, I would like to create this new thread to serve as a list and repository where to add mo
  6. Perfect, I have create a new playlist directly in BigBox and now from LB I can filter by the playlist created, and choose my playlist to delete games included in this new playlist. Thanks for your help.
  7. Hi @neil9000 I know this, but Iā€™m looking a method to mark the games in bigbox, and then finally open Launchbox and only open a playlist or filter with those games included, like favorites list. I thinked to do with Break games checking option, but when after I open Launchbox I cant view any filter o playlist with break games, like the default favorites list/filter. Do you know another method?? Thanks
  8. Hi group! Normally I always load Bigbox directly when I start my arcade machine, and when I create a new platform and import its romset or its game catalog, I like to delete the games that I know I will never play. My question is if is it possible to delete games directly from bigbox? or what would be the fastest way. Normally what I do is mark them from bigbox as favorites and then in LaunchBox enter the system and load the playlist / filter of favorites and there they appear, and then group select to erase them, but it is not the most optimal way since I have some real favorites
  9. Hi @dragon57 Yes, Do you have it in high quality or .psd ?? I will made the bezels in 1080p minimum, and some in 4K. I will quote you in the credits when I post it ;-D Thanks!
  10. Hi friends, I have several ideas to share my designs with you, but I need blank/empty bezel templates with monitor frames in 16: 9 format, with the monitor / screen frame for use in games. I need both versions for type games: portrait and landscape. Thank you very much. I leave my email in case you can send them to me in .psd or jpg / png with a minimum resolution of 1080p. corvaxtheprofessional@gmail.com
  11. Finally, I had to erase my lauchbox directory, and reinstall from start. Thank you anyway @C-Beats
  12. @C-Beats Thanks for your answer, but I've already tried that and still get the same error : _ (
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