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  1. I appreciate you creating these @circo, but do they really have to be locked behind a minimum $20 paywall? I don't mean to sound ungrateful but it's just unfortunate that there is NO WAY to use these snaps (or get any HQ ones) without at least a $20 membership. I get things like limiting downloads per day for regular users, but am I just missing something or is there really no other way to get these?
  2. Also I just saw your other post showing a tutorial of how to make these box arts. Is there any chance you could upload the other ATN files that you have available? Since some of the games don't have high quality covers available I might scan my collection and give it a try at making them and making them available myself! Thanks again!
  3. Hey amazing theme! One question though: is there any chance you could provide us with the addon style border artwork (with the fitted screen sizes) but without the characters for each system? Edit: nevermind, just found the extra images in the addon. Thanks a ton for giving us so many options!
  4. Thanks a ton in advance! Mostly sports games but that's what I've always enjoyed, and they always seem forgotten in the emulation scene. If this is way too much let me know and I can narrow down the list. I gave it a shot myself but they came out pretty bad, so I'm glad you responded College Hoops 2K7 Madden 07, 25, and 15-17 Major League Baseball 2K8-2K13 MLB the Show 07,08,10-13, and 15-16 NBA 2K13-18 NBA 07 and NBA 09: The Inside NBA Live 09,10 and Elite 11 NCAA Football 11, 14, and possibly an alternative for 13 using the main cover found HERE NCAA Basketball 09 and 10 NHL 12-15 and Legacy NHL 2K8-2K10 Skate 3 Shaun White Snowboarding FIFA 16-19
  5. I know it's a while later but these are awesome. I have no idea how to make these though, any chance you could take some requests?
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