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  1. Is there no way to display only one system? or one playlist in BigBix?
  2. Hello, I added NeoGeo to Launchbox. For some reason it's listed as a playlist under Arcade. I'd like to make it so that when I launch BigBox, NeoGeo is the only games showing. I'd like to launch straight to NeoGeo games only
  3. love it! Hopefully we'll get to see a completion video
  4. nevermind. I got it. It was easier than expected. found answer here for anyone that searches this in future:
  5. Hello, I'm using retroarch with launchbox/bigbox. I'd like to use a Dreamcast save file with all characters unlocked. If anyone has done this, please let me know how. thanks
  6. I let launchbox download the art sets. I’m a paid member of LaunchBox and emumovies. I checked the clear logo folder and it’s filled with images.
  7. Im now at work, so I’ll have to post pictures later. This is something that has happened to others. Though, no one posts solutions, example: I am changing game view, as there was no need to change platform view, it works
  8. I have tried vertical wheel 1, 2, and 3. It still shows list view.
  9. Yes, I have them from EmuMovies. Even the arrow pointer isn't showing.
  10. Thank you for the reply. I tried vertical wheel 1, 2, and 3. I tried refreshing images, and force image wheels option. I’m still getting a text list for games. If you have any other suggestion, I’d appreciate it
  11. Hello, my wheel's "clear logo" images do not show up in BigBox Themes. The wheel works correctly for systems, but not for games within each system. I get a list of games, it does not fade, etc. Its like a text list. Any suggestions would be helpful. I'm stuck.
  12. Las Vegas, Nevada. After a few days it finished downloading
  13. hello, what should I check if the wheel art and pointer is not showing properly? I've refreshed the art (in BigBox) a few times. Edit: Okay, I may have figured it out. My rom names and clear logo names do not match. But, I let Launchbox handle downloading the art from EmuMovies for me. How should I fix this? Edit: changed the name of some image files to match the roms, still shows the wheel as a long list, no pointer. the wheel and pointer only work for systems, not games. weird. Also, the wheel never goes away. It sits there constantly
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