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  1. I am also looking for a way to access the built in Arcade Genre's without switching my default view to Platform Genre's. Can you change the default view of just the arcade platform and not all the platforms? I still want my initial launch screen to show Platforms only but when i go into Arcade I'd like it to then show genres
  2. I have unchecked that for now. So far it has been going smooth. Thank you for the quick replies!
  3. Then again on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (USA).nes while downloading the Big Box Cinematix Video Theme. Could there be an issue there?
  4. Same thing on Super Mario 3 while attempting the Big Box Cinematix Video.
  5. Right now I have isolated the issue to be hanging consistently at the same spot. When I re-run the add roms wizard for NES games it scans through and gets to S where it finds was the last place it hung up. It tries to download Big Box Cinematic Video Theme while importing Super Mario Bros. (Japan, USA).nes I am going to attempt to remove that rom temporarily and see if it progresses. When I hit cancel the program hangs and does not offer me to save the currently scanned media. Forced to close software.
  6. I will check as I am a network administrator to ensure that my internal network is not the issue. I don't believe it to be so far. Right now it is chugging away at GmeBoy Color without issue. Before I posted this though I started it and it hung on the first gamebox file for the first game and wouldn't move. It's strangly just getting hung up. Stinks because it's causing me to have to re-run the wizard many times to ensure all files are downloaded.
  7. Anyone else experiencing intermittent extreme delays in Launchbox downloading data for Box art and EMUMovies content? I figure with the sale there would be more usage but wonder if its an issue on my end. I am ending up with many 404 error during import. Some data is downloading but I spent literally ALL DAY yesterday attempting to import just Nintendo Entertainment System. I am an EMUMovies premium subscriber so I understand it's downloading lots of video and taking longer but it will randomly hang up on one file (randomly) and sit there for hours. I tested my EMUMovies connection via FTP and can confirm from there I get very fast download speeds no issues. Only when I use the Add Roms wizard to import whole sets at a time. I expect it to take a few hours per console but it's ridiculous spending an entire day on one and not having it all still. This will take EONS to complete with the current issues I am experiencing. Is there any way to skip importing all the box art and data while importing a library of roms, then just somehow have it all download from EMUMovies via FTP without a ton of work?
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