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  1. FYI. You can add pinball fx through steam as well as other steam pinball titles and Import them via steam importer. I did this to my Arcade1up and have my DMD above on the marquee, a ball launch button and side flippers. Nudge is completed with both player 1 and player 2 joysticks and actually works pretty nice. These two pics I don’t have images of the pinball on the screen but you can see the flipper buttons on the side and the ball launch is under the extended control deck. edit: two more shots one where you can see the DMD and the other you can
  2. This is killing me. The other day I noticed that big box was running terribly and I’ve been looking into to “out of ram” crashes I’ve been getting lately. I went into the task manager and discovered that windows defender was using 50% of my memory. I’ve worked for weeks google searching and trying suggestions to no end. I’ve disabled services, gone into the registry to try to stop it and nothing works. If you google “anti malware service executable high memory use” you will get thousands of hits so it isn’t just me. Has anyone run into this problem? How did y
  3. Well, it may not be exactly the same since it is big box crashing and not launch box. But I am getting the same exact error as is in the title of this thread and it has nothing to do with attract mode as it does it whether attract mode is active or not. It just started doing this after this update, if that’s relevant or not.
  4. Hey, I thought I would add to this and let you know this is exactly what I did. I heavily modified it but the height with the riser is unchanged. I’m 6’7 so I set it on 4 cinder blocks which is 8 additional inches and it’s perfect for me. For people who aren’t human giraffes, I would say an additional 4-6” would likely be perfect. There is a seller on eBay who sells custom risers with an additional 4,6, or 8 inches and the price is not much more than the branded risers are. Here is a link to those. https://www.ebay.com/itm/NEW-Arcade1up-Riser-Only-12-14-16-and-18-for-your-Retro-Arcad
  5. I was wondering if there was a way for big box to just play a video after being idle for x amount of time rather than using attract mode. Attract mode for me is just basically unusable. If you have one video player selected then big box will crash, if you select the other it won’t crash but it play any mame videos. If it’s on for too long then big box runs out of memory and crashes. Plus really I’m not a fan of how it looks running through the interface and all, I’d rather just have full screen videos. So ideally I’d like a way to just play a long video clip.
  6. This is old but I’m bumping it. I’m having the same issue after I leave big box running for a few hours. any ideas?
  7. Like the title says. I’m having issues with the marquee displaying correctly when I change the screen resolution on a steam game to anything except the screen native res. The marquee is cut off. any fix?
  8. Well thank you. In my mind what I would like to have my system look like so: 1: turn on system, and see a “big box loading” screen until the loading video starts. 2: “initializing big box” and boot into a screen that shows “Arcade” and “Retro Gaming” 3. Inside “Arcade” there are two listings: “Popular Classics” and “obscure classics” 4: inside the “popular classics” heading you’ll find all the old common titles that everyone knows. Ms Pac-Man, pac man, mvc, etc. 5. Everything else is under “obscure classics” so that if someone comes over and says: “hey is suc
  9. Roger, I will give that a try. i did some google-fu and it seems that the few people that have had this problem has something to do with the Auto hot key script.
  10. My build has never been quite stable. Bigbox used to crash when exiting a game when startup screens were turned on. So I disabled them, and it worked just fine. It sucked that I couldn’t use that feature, but whatever. Now since I updated, about the third rom I exit, big box crashes. is there an error log somewhere I can look into? It doesn’t give me any windows errors, the program just quits. Oh and that issue with the program crashing when left in attract mode for long periods while using VLC didn’t get addressed either, it still does it.
  11. Thanks but I just think I’m done with it, it’s way too finicky and delicate to be useable.
  12. After playing with this thing for literally hours trying to get it calibrated and working, I’m of the conclusion that these guns are hot garbage. I even disconnected the second monitor and it still isn’t right. I managed to get it working in a couple games, exited them, started them back and nothing was working again. It literally took me about 1.5 hours to get it working in one..game. It shouldn’t be that hard. anyone want to buy it? PM me.
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