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  1. Roger, I will give that a try. i did some google-fu and it seems that the few people that have had this problem has something to do with the Auto hot key script.
  2. My build has never been quite stable. Bigbox used to crash when exiting a game when startup screens were turned on. So I disabled them, and it worked just fine. It sucked that I couldn’t use that feature, but whatever. Now since I updated, about the third rom I exit, big box crashes. is there an error log somewhere I can look into? It doesn’t give me any windows errors, the program just quits. Oh and that issue with the program crashing when left in attract mode for long periods while using VLC didn’t get addressed either, it still does it.
  3. Thanks but I just think I’m done with it, it’s way too finicky and delicate to be useable.
  4. After playing with this thing for literally hours trying to get it calibrated and working, I’m of the conclusion that these guns are hot garbage. I even disconnected the second monitor and it still isn’t right. I managed to get it working in a couple games, exited them, started them back and nothing was working again. It literally took me about 1.5 hours to get it working in one..game. It shouldn’t be that hard. anyone want to buy it? PM me.
  5. Ok, I’ve been working at this without any Luck. I enabled the hotkey to keep the mouse on the main screen but the gun won’t calibrate correctly still. Could you kindly Let me know the specific settings you are using to make this work? thank you.
  6. Ok I tried the utility and restricted the mouse to the current screen. The calibration still is off and it will not calibrate correctly. is there no way to calibrate it manually? I’m reading the manual but I don’t see it. Man this thing is garbage.
  7. Ok thanks I will install that today and try it out.
  8. Did this ever get worked out? I bought a aimtrak from a guy on eBay and I’m trying to get it to set up, but for some reason when I try to calibrate it, the cursor runs off to the top right of the marquee monitor and won’t calibrate correctly because of it. The only thing I see says to downgrade to win7 which is not an option. It’s kind of crazy that a peripheral that’s this expensive has such issues with a semi modern OS.
  9. So my dynamic marquee I have set up when loading pinball FX3 to display the dot matrix display. It acts really strange. Randomly I will go into the game and the DMD will not display properly which is just a simulation on my 1200x390 marquee led screen. Basically it’s just a video that looks like a DMD. I will fix the settings to adjust the DMD to fit the marquee, exit the game and then load it back up through big box and it will be messed up again. The weird thing is that pinball fx3 is indeed saving my changes but I keep having to change them back and forth. I’ll adjust it with one set of settings (Call it settings A) ext start the game again and the DMD will be messed up. I’ll fix it to completely different settings (call these settings B) exit start the game and again the DMD is messed up and I will have to switch back to settings A. exit start it goes on like this, having to switch back and forth between the two. it only does this when launched through big box, it will not do it when launched through steam so I have a feeling it has something to do with the existing dynamic marquees within big box. anyone think of an answer here? It’s super annoying.
  10. thought I would let you know that this solved the issue. Thanks!
  11. Ok cool I’ll check that out. thanks for the help I’ll let you know what I find out.
  12. Man no one has any idea how to do this? No one with an arcade cabinet uses sleep?
  13. I have that set as start+select and it works in every game except steam games. Really with many steam games it isn’t much of an issue as there is generally an “exit to windows” option in the pause or start menu somewhere. However with UMVC3 no such option exists. It simply says at the bottom “esc to exit”,
  14. Sorry, last thread I’m making. In order to run mortal kombat xl at 60fps I have to drop the resolution some to 1280ish instead of 1600. For some reason this is resulting in the marquee displaying the image actual size and is cutting it off. If I make the resolution 1600 wide in the game, the marquee displays correctly. Any ideas?
  15. How can I do this? Right now I’m using the touchpad from a wireless keyboard to wake it up, but mashing my arcade buttons or Moving the sticks won’t wake it up. I’m waiting for the day that my batteries in my wireless keyboard are dead and I’m banging through the house trying to find AAs at 2am. anyway to get this to work with the usb encoder to wake up when I mash a button?
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