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  1. i realize this is probably a windows 10 specific question and not a launchbox problem, but maybe some smart person will know the answer to this. I want to mirror my display to my home theater so that I can play PC games like homeworld on my projector from my couch as well as some other games like final fantasy and other games that arent necessarily conducive to standing for hours. I also am working on dynamic marquees which is taking up the second slot of the video output of my graphics card which is a gt1030. So to accomplish this I ran the HDMI out to a splitter, then ran one output of the splitter to the cabinet monitor and plugged that into the monitor via a hdmi to dvi adapter. the second output of the splitter I ran to a flush mount HDMI jack on the back of the cabinet then, from there, I ran a 50' redmere cable to my home theater receiver. My audio setup is using the standard 3.5mm audio jack from the on board sound to some pc speakers and a subwoofer in the cabinet to get audio to the cabinet. The issue here is that with this setup, when I run the home theater I get no HDMI audio. I get video as I sit here and type this on my projector but there is zero audio. If I go into my audio settings in windows 10 it is not detecting my receiver, it simply says there are no devices available and all I have to choose from is the on board audio device. Does anyone know how I can get windows to detect the receiver with this setup, or some way to trick it into just spitting the dang audio out of hdmi? This is driving me nuts. Freaking cant stand windows.
  2. Can I have both accounts used through launchbox at the same time? Its weird though because The half life-2 stuff is on that other account and that imported.
  3. Ive been setting up my steam games and so far its worked ok. However, I had an old account that had CD keys for a bunch of games from like 15 years ago that I recently recovered. I added this account to my existing account under family sharing and started downloading the games. half life, half life 2, half life 2 episode 1, 2 and lost coast, blue shift, opposing forces, and portal to be exact. For some reason, the steam importer only finds the games involved with half life 2. It doesnt even give me the option to import the other things. any ideas?
  4. Thanks for the responses guys. I’m trying right now to mount it so I figured I would revisit this when I get it up there.
  5. Hello, I recently just got my screen for the marquee from eBay. I can’t seem for the life of me to get the marquee images to stretch to fit the screen. I’ve looked through the marquee config file but honestly I’m not sure what I’m looking at. Most of the setting already say stretch anyway. the screen is 1280x390. attached is how it looks now, I’ve also tried going through the settings on the screen also with no dice. I have no idea why this forum wants to attach picture sideways.
  6. Yes, I’ve done that multiple times to copy files.
  7. Yup I play it quite frequently. Honestly idk why it’s registered like that I can’t tell much is wrong with it. That thread is like 4 years old isn’t it? primal rage 2 however, even with the CHD is a different story....
  8. This might sound nuts... but change your usb slots on the PC that your encoders are connected to. i have no proof for this but I think launchbox wants each player in a specific usb slot like retropie does. i had similar issues and had to keep testing USB slots until I got player 2 being registered as player 1 and vice versa. I then swapped them and boom, works as intended.
  9. What’s the default driver? GL? what display hardware are you running? what version display driver are you running? glad we are making progress! does it work in launchbox as well?
  10. Sorry I meant launchbox startup themes. if they aren’t working in retroarch and they were before it means that some setting is screwed up or some file is corrupted somewhere. if the games worked in retroarch before and are not now I would try: 1: go into your retroarch directory, nlocate retroarch.cfg and move it to another directory. Launch retroarch and it will be at default settings. Try to load a game. If it loads then it’s some screwball setting. if that doesn’t work you could always download retroarch again and extract it to a totally different directory. Redownload the flycast core, install your bios files and then try to load a game. can you confirm for me that you have the three bios files I referenced earlier?
  11. What games specifically are you trying to run? the Naomi arcade roms need the Naomi bios placed in the data folder as well as the dc_boot and DC_flash bios. You need all 3. I THINK, off the top of my head I have all 3 files in the retroarch/system/data/DC directory but I’ll double check for you when I get home. naomi.zip; dc_boot; dc_flash edit: also the .zip roms seem to work better than the .GDI at least for the arcade roms. The Dreamcast roms I can run .gdi and bin/cue both but it won’t run the zip. edit2: Re-reading your OP, I had the exact same problem with retroarch crashing like that and I ended up disabling the startup themes and it solved the problem. Give that a try too and see if it helps. I think the startup themes are bugged.
  12. Same here, googling led me to this thread. I have the windows platform showing and the windows games added to my arcade playlists. on top of that I still have the arcade platform showing in the arcade platform category which makes everything extremely redundant. I also have the Naomi platform and those games are grouped into my arcade playlists and I can’t hide that either.
  13. Holy crap man! Not all heros wear capes. This makes me insanely happy.
  14. I’ve got some steam issues that are kind of making me crazy. 1: whenever I load a steam game the stupid dialogue box comes on asking me if I want to start in offline mode. I have to click this box to get the blasted game to load and it’s a royal pain. Is there a way to just default in offline mode to keep this box away? 2: whenever I load a steam game the dang cursor shows up right in the middle of the screen. I have to pick up my wireless and move it out of the way. Is there anyway to hide the cursor? 3. There are some games that you have to actually hit escape on the keyboard to exit. Like umvc3 has no exit option in the menu. Any tricks to exit the game with my sticks and buttons instead of picking up the keyboard?
  15. I never turn my machine off. Recently if I leave it on overnight it crashes. I have pictures Of the error given if it helps the community any. edit: Gah for some reason these are attaching sideways. I have no idea how to fix it. The images on my phone are not sideways.
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