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  1. Not in my experience. Maybe I was using an old version of LaunchBox, but it certainly wasn't intelligent enough to understand the difference; this was my motivation behind submitting the alternate names in the first place. Do we have a general consensus with that? If so, do you think it will be a planned feature? Not only would this make it easier to correctly set metadata, but it will encourage people to use properly hashed sets. What can we do to push for its implementation?
  2. Incredible work. I took the liberty of merging it into my LaunchBox as a separate Platform Category, so it appears as WHDLoad. This way I can also easily create playlists of my favourite WHDLoad titles and keep everything separate from my messy No-Intro SPS collection 😅 Not sure if you're familiar with doing this, but it's essentially how the C64 Dreams LaunchBox set is done. If you're curious how to do it yourself, I have provided my changes below. Rename Data\Platforms\Commodore Amiga.xml to WHDLoad.xml Rename the folder structure Games\Commodore Amiga to Games\WHDLoad and edit WHDLoad.xml to replace all references to the old folder structure. I use an editor like Sublime Text 3 or Notepad++ to do this quickly. Move all Images into Images\WHDLoad Edit Parents.XML and Platforms.XML to include the below information Parents.xml: https://pastebin.com/m7xruSpZ Platforms.xml: https://pastebin.com/hidxtqDu
  3. I'm relatively new here, but I am very active in contributing alternate ROM set titles, especially with respect to the No-Intro database. I have a few questions. Also, please excuse me if I am being profoundly dumb, or if I have missed the obvious. First question. Is there a way to see who/why someone rejected a particular contribution? Or is the case where-by if no reason is given, the rejection is recorded without the possibility of dispute? I have been slightly frustrated by people not properly cross-examining my name contributions, because for example, one or two people seem to be rejecting names and titles with commas in them such as "Siedler, Die". They are also not providing a reason why. If they were to take a second to check https://datomatic.no-intro.org/?page=show_record&s=40&n=0401 or searching at the SPS http://www.softpres.org/games for example, they would find out that my name submission is correct. This is a naming standard convention that also applies to TOSEC https://www.tosecdev.org/tosec-naming-convention Second and third question, which is also a suggestion. Does Launchbox use a hash table? Are there any plans to collate all the ROM DAT names from popular DAT collections so we can link names to the Launchbox database? I feel that the process I have been following thus far is less about submitting a name, but rather, saying that "this" ROM is from "this" DAT collection, where the name information is already pre-set. It would be great to see the Launchbox database implement a more robust way of recognising ROMs. Also, I feel that this ability should be tied directly into the front-end application interface, perhaps by offering a wizard that asks the user 1) Are you a contributor? or 2) Are you just here to game? Optimising the user experience by tailoring the options available.
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