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  1. Question; I recently put all my PS2 games onto a separate internal drive thats much larger for space reasons and successfully imported them into LB but when I try to launch a game I get "An error occurred while trying to launch the game: access is denied". I've tried changing access permissions for the folders and clicking 'Share Folder' options but i'm still getting the error. The same games work when inside the Launchbox/Games folder but not from a different drive? Any ideas?
  2. Can confirm it works! Just got CD-i games up-and-running in Mame 215 and Launchbox using the above tutorial and whatever else I could scrounge up around the net. They definitely need to make an updated video for this, took me hours to figure it out with bits and pieces of outdated info from several different sources. The key take-aways for CD-i emulation in Mame are; 1: Import your Phillips CD-i roms into Launchbox (CHD format is preferred for your roms, bin/cue files don't seem to work well. If you already have bin/cue files you can convert them to CHD). 2: Make sure you have correct CD-i bios file (cdimono1) in your Mame > roms folder. 3: Set Mame as your emulator. Make sure to uncheck the three boxes in the 'Emulator edit' tab. 4: Under 'Associated Platforms' tab add the platform name (Phillips CD-i) and check 'Default Emulator' box. 5: Under 'Default Command-Line Parameters' type 'cdimono1 -cdrm' Hopefully that's helpful to somebody
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