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  1. solved ..thanks God ......I forgot about backups...I used one before the crash and everything working perfect ... thanks for replay !!!!
  2. thank you, unfortunetly that did non fix the problem big box only video and launchbox start loading but after 1/3 of green line stops...and that is 3 log files witch Iv got today ... Debug 2021-02-01 07-39-29 PM.log Debug 2021-02-01 07-40-26 PM.log Debug 2021-02-01 07-40-38 PM.log
  3. Hi guys. I had a blue screen on my pc ,after rebooting big box stop working , only loading opening video and nothing happen, also launchbox not working. and thats the log file witch I have ..pls help thank you Debug 2021-01-31 02-21-29 PM.log
  4. is there any problems with the high scores servers ??? lots of my games do not have high scores now ???!!!!
  5. yep ...I cant get any high scors from that game .....
  6. You are right ..... i have clear version of win 10 .... and microsoft drivers ........... got realtek drivers and stereo mix option has appeared , everything is working perfect now... thank you for ur time ......thank u very much !!!!!
  7. when I press test I need to select an animation file .....and tried a few..
  8. I looked at that link a few minutes ago.... and this what I have now ...but I tried diferent options.......
  9. no I don't have problems with ledblinky in launchbox , no activity on the display ....no audio detected !!
  10. I tried diferent option ....nothing happen , only game buttons are lit....
  11. game play its done but I do not know what to do next ...nothing workink............help pls...
  12. Arzoo ...I can't find how to animate lights with game sounds ??? if you can help ?! thanks
  13. working !!!!! love that option !!!! just need to change mame ini file like in the tip in ledblinky it's a shame that most games don't have that option.... thank you
  14. hi Arzoo is there any way to set the start 1 player and 2 players buttons that they start blinking when I'm insert the coins ??? regerds Piotr
  15. Thanks for ur time Retro ...I just manage that myself.... i-pac that I'm using has so many things I did know about .....just set a macro for one button and shift for another one , and working perfect thank you again regards
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