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  1. Aye, I didn't think about using the filters to highlight what you don't want listed. That would help speed things up for sure.
  2. If I'm not mistaken when you import your steam library you are asked if you'd like to import installed games or all games within the library. Are you sure you had the right box ticked when you went through that import process? (they can be easy to miss). As far as re-doing the steam import my first thought would be to just delete the category for Steam from within Launchbox and then re-import with the settings you want. Alternatively if there isn't a ton to go through you can just highlight and delete the games you don't want listed.
  3. I'm mixed on the issue. I have added quite a few of my TV and movies to Launchbox... but is it easy or fun? No. No it is not. I'll also say that I still find myself gravitating towards Plex to actually browse my collection. The thing I do find annoying about Plex through is it almost always wants to transcode everything even when it doesn't need to. As a result when there is no internet connection present you'll sometimes be caught out not having a codec the service is trying to download on the fly. So Plex is a local server, your files that you want to play are local, but the codec has to come from an active internet connection... So then I find myself using Windows Explorer to find my file and play it anyway. It's not a common problem as I almost always have internet. But it is an annoying one. Its also a problem that is not present in Launchbox as that front end just creates a direct link to the file that opens in VLC. (or whatever you tell it to open in). I look at Launchbox as a good backup launcher for that reason and I plan to continue to import my library into it. That aside. You can launch the Plex App through Launchbox. If you pair that with something like reWASD you can set your controller up to remap to mouse and keyboard when the Plex executable is active. After a bit of tinkering I am sure you could achieve a pretty seamless experience with Plex acting like a component of Launchbox. I'll likely by trying this out myself in the near future.
  4. Hey I guess that's why it already looks so good. lol. I have indeed found it usable, I've been using it for a couple of days now. I finally got around to braving the theme creator and I'm even tinkering with it a bit in there. Thanks! ?
  5. I wish I had something useful to point out, but I'd be pretty excited to use this theme just as it is on my setup. The progress shots look great! ?
  6. Well if you're after opinions I'm a bit torn. I do like the fan art backgrounds, but I really did think that three column TextGamesView I quoted earlier looked pretty damn slick. I liked the box art being displayed next to the video. I assume you're concerned with the UI looking busy but I didn't think the TextGamesView with box art came off that way. It all seemed pretty well defined. Honestly thought it made a great use of the space available in 16:9. Again though, I do like the fan art backgrounds and this new view does give us that. So, like I said. I'm a bit torn on it. Regardless of any of that, all of the options on offer there still look great. I like the over all style for sure.
  7. This looks absolutely fantastic. I find myself wondering if there is a way to shoehorn fan art background into this, but the presentation here is already so good that I don't know if you'd want to pick at it. ? I'm still using Dirty Old by the way. I don't know if you'll recall me from that thread where I started to offer some suggestions and nitpicks before I had really dug into it deep enough. I basically found out that skin does everything I want it to, I just hadn't fully wrapped my head around properly setting up all of my image and video files. So, thanks again for that by the way. Will this skin still have an option to play video previews for categories, or will that be handled exclusively with images now?
  8. Hey just posting back to say that the Launchbox 11.9 update seems to bork this plugin again. Luckily I had a second install that I can keep on 11.8 for a while. Such a bummer that this thing keeps getting the boot whenever there is an update as its a super useful feature. It'd be amazing if it did TV Shows too, but I'm happy with it handling my movie library at least!
  9. You know... I didn't need yet another thing to collect and categorize. God damn it. This is truly great though. I was planning on doing something similar with Doom using GZDoom. I'll have to look into QuakeSpasmSpiked. I've always wanted to go back to that game and I've just never managed to get around to it. All my mod collections revolve around Quake 3 Arena. This looks like a lot of fun though.
  10. I do... but I think I actually prefer the views from the previous version. I was, however, a fan of this one... I thought that came out nice. I think over all I prefer the views where the text scales well and sort of negates the need for having the clear logo textures. It lends itself to looking clean and complete without much more needed than the Box Front, Fan Art Background, and a Video. Honestly the more it looks like a bit of a file system view, the more I seem to like it. I'm currently trying to integrate my Plex TV and Movies into Launchbox so I can have them sit alongside my emulated consoles in one interface. I only just started this project so I'm not very far along... What I have found so far though is views that allow me to use just text for that in a great looking font that scales well on its own takes a ton of the headache out of it this project. Not to mention it seems to make navigation more intuitive and "snappy" feeling. Especially using an Xbox controller. I'm putting this together at the moment on a PC with a 21:9 aspect ratio so my screens probably look a bit off from what is intended. I plan to use this in my living room when its done though, which will put me at 16:9 given that is what my TV displays. If I had one bit of feed back I suppose I may suggest to keep the Category view as is in the following shot aside from possibly adding the ability to play a video for the currently highlighted category. To work well with TV especially I have to start Launchbox in Category View. This allows me to go three tiers deep with organizing the menu structure. So TV > TV Show > Season 01 =/= Category > Platform > Playlist. This works perfectly as I ran down that menu structure to display Season one of Miami Vice here: (I've been making my own preview videos for episodes. So I had ought to finish this project about half past never. lol) Anyway, I don't know how much feedback you're looking for or how much you expect to iterate on this layout. I just thought I'd explain my use case and see if that info is useful to you in anyway. At any rate I'm more than happy with what is here thus far. Again, it's a great theme! ?
  11. Just gave this theme a spin tonight and I think I just found the one I'm sticking with. The layout is great, looks great, and its easily been my favorite to navigate through. Thanks a lot. ?
  12. Man I can't thank you enough for contributing this! I don't know why its so hard to get a front end that handles all of your media in one place. Launchbox is great and I get that its focus is video games. Plex is great and I get that its focus is TV and Movies... (now kiss). Anyway. This is super helpful!
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