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  1. blackboxingcat

    eXoDOS v4

    Hi everyone Thank you for your efforts on this project exo. Brings back alot of memories I have downloaded the v4 and will seed for along time or let me know if their is other ways to help. Now the big question. Can some1 please send me to the right area on how to set this up with LB/BB from start to finish, as i dont want to start this with out a little know how. Once again thanks heaps.
  2. Thanks heaps Jason Carr. 100% correct. Turns out my ram is starting to go bad 32gb.now to find out which one of the 4sticks it is. cheers everyone.
  3. HI How do i exit mame in bigbox straight into the game selection screen,instead of it exiting into what looks to be like core/emulator settings? cheers
  4. Neil9000 I dont know who you are bro or where you stand will launchbox. But i wish i could give u a gift or something. But everytime you have helped me, it has worked first go everytime. im sure your help accross these forums very appreciated bud. Thanks heaps.. Do u know why this error occured? so i know not to do it again by accident. if not all good. Cheers
  5. Hi guys I dont want to hijack the topic and any help will be appreciated. BB LB crashed on me yesterday out of nowhere and it says root file is missing and launchbox/data/settings.xml is corrupt and something about reinstalling from a back up. just before this happened my comp/retroarch crashed with blue screen saying something jnon json files or something. i found just before that i have copy of LB BB .exe in 2 seperate areas 1 under launchbox folder and 1 under the cores folder. Please any help even if just send me to another post cheers.
  6. hi guys Big box just crashed on me and now when i go to load BB LB it say my bigbox.xml is corrupt. root elemet is missing. ANy1 come accross this before? cheers
  7. Hi everyone Not sure if this has been solved or even answers your problem, i will try not to make this long but it was a very good learn. I finally got my xarcade DIY setup ( so not tankstick, just the guts) for my arcade working after spending 5 solid uninterrupted hours configuring buttons etc. From my experience these are not just plug and play in some cases and from what i know only player one is configured from shop. retroarch and bigbox keyboard layout clash with the xarcade mode1 buttons. so u have to check this out and configure accordingly. The easiest way to reall
  8. hi Kidshoalin. Thanks for that info. Have u managed to find the latest chd 0.220? where i was downloading the chds from is gone and cant find the sane set anywhere. cheers
  9. Does anyone know the exact size of ps1 library? I have looked and their is mixed reports.1300 to 1700 for usa but I have found a library with mixed regions with over 8000? (limited download mind you) unless u pay .Doing my head in .Dont mind paying if their is more then 2000 English games as I have 1800 already. So are they saying nearly 6500 games are non English? cheers.
  10. why would I go to reddit when im a member of LB ? Some people are very new to this sort of stuff. Isnt the whole idea so we use our own community and forum? If you have all the solutions and links etc for roms then post them and we probably wont need to search.
  11. wow thanks for the link neil9000. LOllll Charco. You guys are all over this.
  12. What u mean by good rip vid and sound quality, game playability? well I guess that's a risk and I wont know till I decompress. If its no good delete and look for a better one I wish some1 had a full ps1 library with good rips. Then we wouldn't have to go through all this lol.
  13. wow that's crazy man. Cheers for that info Lordmonkus. You reckon ditch those roms and find new ones? Or is it common to go through that effort for ecm decompression for ps1? Its double handiling this way. First extract the .7z. then go through all the games and decompress all the .ecm files.
  14. ok recap since I posted. I got some games work. I found out some of the games have (.bin,ecm) extension together don't work. Example abes odyssey has 2 files xxx.cue xxx.bin.ecm so when u direct LB to the file it imports both files as 2 games. but non work. even individually in retroarch. The ps1 roms I downloaded some where .rar some where .7z so I cant tell which one has the bin.ecm extension that dosnt work until I extract it.. PS some games have both file extensions that retroarch can use eg xx.chd xx.img. some games have both these extensions, so how
  15. hi guys. I downloaded a rom set of ps1 games .7z format. I have extracted the bin and cue file from it. ( just some games ) for test. Im using retroarch psx armoured core and no luck loading any of the content in LB or retroarch could this be a bad set of games? Or have I missed something?? Cheers
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