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  1. the functionality was added after this post, i dunno if theres a way to mark as thread solved
  2. My mistake on the video thing, I had been messing with some different views and got mixed up, sorry about that
  3. Im using the pulse theme at the moment, and the open menu bind is on keyboard, sometimes when it happens it seems to trigger the sfx a bunch of times all at once when it misbehaves.
  4. Hi, so I just updated, gone from 11.12 to 11.14, my platform videos no longer seem to be working in bigbox, is there a setting that needs changing for this update? Also I have assigned a button to open system menu and found sometimes when I use it, it will get stuck in the menu, so escape doesn't return to the game list, maybe like 20% of the time I use it and is there any way to reduce the time for the press and hold delay to open system menu, its a nice option but its surprisingly long delay at the moment
  5. I think this is all you'd need for my edit, i've kept the folder structure so should just drop over the top. Pulse Edits.zip
  6. Not something I was specifically planning to upload as it is a bodged personal edit, I wasn't actually aware their was a proper theme editor so just did some trial and error in notepad, but my layout isn't actually a million miles off your last mock up, The text description area is a bit bigger than it was, and I moved the image to the side but it's set to title screen rather than the box, I did debate trying to get the box art under the title screen but I just don't know enough to add new elements, my main focus was on making the video preview larger and tweaked a few bits to work around that. But If you aren't having any luck with an edit then i'm happy to share the file if it helps
  7. It turns out it supports zips so I can unify the launch command going the zip route, bit of a bodge but it works
  8. ok yes it is working with this approach, I missed a switch out when I first tried, there is still the issue of the extension being hard set, if a similar %extension% style launch variable existed then it would be nice I am sure about what 1964 needs, I had it setup with the game specific overrides, but I wanted to make it universal so adding games 'just works', and I wanted to ask as customising the launch commands seemed like something worth learning about in general. Even if the situations are rare, it seems really odd to have launch parameters locked to a few fixed templates, having some advanced vars for path / filename / ext would be great so exceptions can be handled when they come up.
  9. So this is the command line formatting required by 1964 GEPD, and there are actually a few posts touching on the topic about problems setting up this emulator that are generally unresolved, this is how I come across the game specific command override work around, but some of that stuff is quite old and I had assumed there must be ways to make simple edits to the launch commands and fix it properly. If there is confusion as to why I am setting up this emulator specifically, it is because this is how you can play goldeneye / perfect dark nicely with mouse and fov customisation, I do not believe there are alternatives to this so this is still the best emulator around for this. @Koroth I didn't have any luck with the %romfile% approach, but its interesting if there is advanced syntax for modifying the launch command, this is what I was hoping to see, is there documentation on these commands? There is the slight issue of emulators not specifically using just one extension so if it was hard set then I guess i'd have to look at converting between formats, lol it is such a funny situation, I really thought this would be a simple thing to do.
  10. So the tickbox you highlighted modifies the command between the two formats app.exe path\file (the wording would suggest this option does actually include the extension) or app.exe file (file name only, path and extension stripped out) I am simply looking to achieve a launch command that does not include path but still keeps the extension
  11. Sorry if I am not being clear, if you see the Koroths screenshot, the option they have highlighted gives you a launch command app.exe file while the result I want would look like app.exe file.extension
  12. Hi, I am currently trying to setup an emulator with the command format app.exe file.ext It appears to only have an option for file without extension, where do you customise this? The only option I have found is to do a per game override requiring a manual edit for every rom which seems a crazy way to do it when a simple global command could be working
  13. Hi, theme seems really nice, just curious is there a edit I can make that would minimise the time it displays the still image before the video preview when scrolling in the game list view, or is that kind of edit fairly complicated to make?
  14. Yea I was just expecting to need to dedicate an extra button to do it if I want to use that view style, but I guess if you are trying to provide options for a range of situations such as input limited setups then it gets a bit more tricky. An assignable bind feels like its a fair core option to have even if you plan to have alternative methods.
  15. Hi, how do you access the side menu that lets you jump directly to a letter when in a wall view game list layout, not sure what the name of that menu is. Usually accessed by an unused directional input but this view uses both axis, I guessed it may be something I have to bind to a key in settings but nothing I tried seemed to be for that menu.
  16. i have been attempting to do this trying to splice bits from another theme with ratings but theres so much going on its hard to make sense of how it all hooks in, anything new i try put in just results in errors that are beyond my understanding of it all but i managed to bodge something just replacing the existing genre text which i don't really need anyway, but later noticed in some platforms like snes and n64 the genre element doesn't show for some reason so not really sure why thats happening.
  17. Theme seems really cool, is there a way to show the selected games star rating with this?
  18. knapman

    mame rompaths

    yea im keeping a couple of things split up so have custom folder names going on so just curious what the situation was with the paths, but good to clarify it is just the way it works, thanks.
  19. knapman

    mame rompaths

    Hi, so after adding a new set of mame roms into launchbox I found nothing was launching, after randomly digging around I discovered the rom path in the mame.ini was not correct so fixed this up and everything launches ok, but I was surprised I needed to do this, I was assuming launchbox feeds the rom path to the exe when launching, my sample command for mame is; mame64.exe -keyboardprovider dinput "FULL\PATH\TO\ROM\FILE" Can I have this work dynamically without having to manually correct the path in the mame.ini if I want to add / change folders?
  20. Hi, so im trying to configure launchbox in a way that feels nice to use and one thing is really throwing me off, I use the list view and in pretty much every application i've ever used with list selections I would have the option to type a few letters together quickly and jump direct to that point in the list, for example I could type sup and i'd expect to be looking at games starting with sup, but in launchbox this will have me looking at games beginning with p, am I missing an option somewhere?
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