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  1. I heard some games may just have native compatibilty issues due to lack of current emulation capability. If i were you I'd try different emulators.
  2. So I sort of got it working at least playably, apparently it was my Resolution settings, even though I'm on a 4k TV with AMD Rx580 graphics card and AMD Ryzen 1800 CPU it somehow can't play N64 in 4K. I don't know if my GPU isn't running with Retroarch or what. Also there's a grid of Lines going through everything. Anyone know how to check if Retroarch is running off the GPU or On-board graphics? or why Mario Party has Lines going through it? Any help is appreciated, thanks.
  3. So when I swap to Parallel all the sprites and game squares (or circles) show up again. When I have it set to Glide64 for the 4k Resolution, all I can see is the background Image of say Western town, no characters, no dice block, no game squares (circles in Mario Partys case) basically no sprites at all on the game board just the background. I tried disabling every setting I've changed to get good graphics out of Glide64 but it seems to be Glide64 itself that's doing this as disabling all the non-basic settings still isn't allowing those images to render. Does anyone know what am I can fix this glitch?
  4. So, how do I import these to Launchbox. I'm so tired of chasing down obscure mame files and mame version and mame sets and reading guides based on old versions of mame/mess which mention files that no longer even exist in the program. I got MAME 0.222 Software List (or whatever version I forget could be 0.210 or 0.202 idk) already downloaded, it is a Merged set, how do I get this stuff to work is there a FULL.......COMPLETE.........UPDATED.......guide that isn't missing any steps/files/ or other insight that is crucial to get this stuff to work? HAS ANYONE gotten Software Lists to work? And if so, how did you do it?
  5. There is no mame.ini same with the mess emulator there is no mess.ini from another guide I was reading. Does MAME and MESS no longer support software lists? Why is it so hard to get these to work lol? Don't you love it when a guide says "press this button" or "open this file" and the button and or file don't exist? LOL.
  6. I got cdimono1.zip in my roms folder, I got a folder in my Mess/roms folder named cdimono1 with the cdimono.zip file, I even unzipped cdimono1 and placed those files both in my roms folder and in my cdimono1 folder. I imported all my Philips CD-i CHDs to launchbox. I added MESS to launchbox as an emulator, specified where the exe file is, and added the cdimono1 -cdrm command line to the associated platforms line. And I'm still getting errors loading any game. What step am I missing? It's my understanding I don't need to specify a bios path if I place the bios files in the roms folder as I couldn't find any line referencing "rompath" in either of the two mess "ini" files that were in the mess folder. Here is the Error:
  7. so I figured out the solution, right click ur Launchbox.exe go to Properties, click the Compatiblity tab, click Change high DPI settings, at the bottom check "Override high DPI scaling behavior" and in the dropdown box select "System" click OK and your images will now display fine on 4k TVs. I use this method for TONS of programs that aren't compatible with 4K scaling and it works like a charm.
  8. My Launchbox does this too for most screenshots even PS1
  9. I changed the name in Retroarch under Emulator settings and associated platforms as well and it still wasn't launching. DId you have to restart Launchbox or something for it to set in, I don't think I did that if that's what the difference is.
  10. were you able to launch the games? cuz when i tried to open my NES games retroarch didn't even launch.
  11. You know what I'm saying though. In that 1 particular instance the Platforms should be renameable independent of any other settings, because it should purely be a Display name only. Just like if I changed my username from d2produce to something, I shouldn't need to update my email, update my password, change every tier of settings for something that's purely vestigial. It'd be like changing ur windows username and then having to rename every directory manually. Should be able to edit them freely and make it easy for the user not be BOUND to the default names. I guess in the scheme of things, and maybe nobody wants to admit this, but if Launchbox is somehow paying homage to the Systems and Developers themselves by STICTLY keeping the Original names, I get that, but it's really kinda silly nobody says, "Hey man wanna come over and play some Nintendo Entertainment Sytem?" "Sorry brother, I'm so addicted to this SUPER Nintendo Entertainment system why don't u come here!" NES.......SNES......I don't see any disrespect in using those terms so any attempt that launchbox is taking at taking a bold and honorable stance I don't see it as such and I think Users should have control because at the end of the day it's about them not the Game Corporations.
  12. The program already has a "Scrape As" setting so I don't see how changing a category display name would effect system settings. The Display name shouldn't be tied to anything other than that little panel you see on the left. Just like if my nickname in Life is Big Jim I don't gotta go to Court and change my name legally for people to call me that Nothing should need to change.......not the folders......not the settings.......as long as Launchbox knows NES is really Nintendo Entertainment System......everything should just work. Which makes it seem like the problem is Launchbox DOESN'T consider those category names simply "Display As in this Particular Category List" names......they are system names.......which I'm sure that flaw can be updated or changed within the program itself for easy user renaming.
  13. Ya none of that worked.......Retroarch wouldn't launch. Should be easier to do this than to change even more than 1 setting......all it is is a title in a category list......it shouldn't be tied to settings and everything else it should be purely visual not functional. I should post this in the site suggestion section "Make Platform Categories Easily Renameable".
  14. So I want to Shorten all my platform names so i can expand the viewing space for my games and still know what the heck consoles I'm choosing. So instead of "Nintendo Entertainment System" I'd obviously do NES and then SNES.....PS1......PS2.....etc etc. However the last time I changed the names, launchbox got all messed up and wasn't working correctly. What's the way to do this properly? Just tested it, and when I renamed Sega 32X to Sega 32 for testing......I first tried with not changing the folder names.....then I tried with changing the folder names.....and migrating the files. Both times the games wouldn't launch until I renamed the platform and folders to Sega 32X again. Is there a step I'm missing why is this so difficult simple to rename a category lol?
  15. So I'm trying to Import Sega CD games on Windows 10 and I did a search in my Sega CD folder in the import window for the *.cue files and I get this weird error which I never got before when doing this: "Cannot open multiple items from this location. Try selecting a single item instead." I've imported Cues before and never had this issue until now. How can I import my Sega CD games?
  16. So I have hundreds of the Big Fish Hidden Object games....and in the database Launchbox lists like 18 of them LOL. Why is there no content for this particular game developer?
  17. So I recently installed a bunch of windows games finally decided to upgrade from "just roms" and also later decided to get some VR Windows games. The problem is all my games are under Windows how can I split up or make a category called "Windows" and "Windows VR" ? Do I first add my roms to the Windows VR category and then manually Select each one one by one and download the WIndows version Metadata or is there a way I can just add them to my custom Category Windows VR but at the same time scrape for the Windows platform?\ EDIT: Figured it out on my own, unchecked "Use Default Platforms" then entered the title Windows VR and a dropdown box popped up for "Scrape as" and I selected Windows! EDIT2: Upon adding the second game unchecking "Show Default Platforms" was uneccessary, the Platform field was still editable and the Scrap as popped up. So for a feature suggestion maybe make the "Scrap As" box always there. It could mirror whatever is selected in the Platform box so there would be no need to manually select it, it would only be there for the purpose of changing the value to something other than the Platforms box maybe even keep it in a constant "deactivated" gray state while still being selectable or just put a 1 line disclaimer like "Only needed if you are scraping as another platform otherwise leave as default" or something like that.
  18. So Mednafen_psx_hw was working but the I reset windows and upgraded to 2004 build and now when I try to run beetle_psx_hw it is a black screen.....scratchy noise......then crashes. Even the mednafen_psx regular isnt' working, and the ReArmed one just shows a maroon screen no sound. I tried low settings, high settings to no avail. So far epsxe works the smoothest with the occasional pops of sound and the pause in play.
  19. i'm surprised there's not a website that has even generalized settings for the MOST POPULAR setups even a site with like "High End AMD" "Low End AMD" "High End Intel" etc, etc, that offers GENERAL settings on a per game or even per emulator basis would be nice. Cuz Emulators are great, yes they let you play games (sometimes) but that's the only reason I use them to play games.......not to play with emulators LOL. So it would be nice if there was a place that offered even generalized information for ranges of cpu/gpu types that at least hinted at and maybe hit the mark on 80%+ of the setting requried to run these games smoothly. Otherwise it's like stop and go.......ur chilling with ur friend and its like.......oh we can't play that.........oops we can't play that........hold on let me google for a half hour and try to fix this. When 60% of your time is playing the emulator and not the game......it can ruin the original intent of having an emulator in the first place. So it would be nice if there was a centralized website that offered a gamut of settings based on the user's input as to which specific or just TYPE of hardware they're using. Cuz ya every cpu/gpu is different but there must be FAMILIES of each hardwdare that can be blanket covered when it comes to best emulation settings on a per system or per game basis.
  20. Well is there a website where I can plug in my processor/video card stats for any emulator and it spits out the exact settings I should using? Cuz if not, there should be because that would be very handy......drop down menus where u select processor, etc etc etc......and select emulator......and BOOM screenshots of all the settings. Cuz as of now, it's impossible for me as a end user to know what settings are best as I did not create the emulators nor am I familiar with Game emulation so terms like Anti-Aliasing for example mean nothing to me. Is there a website that even Attempts to share which settings are best because Google and Youtube in this case haven't been my friend because I can't find squat.
  21. So I was playing Jet Moto 2 with launchbox and epsxe 2.0.5 emulator and every game the startup skips and has pops in the audio very annoying, and when I play jet moto sometimes the video and audio lag causing pauses and sometimes pops in the audio. I'm using an AMD processor and Ryezn RX 580 graphics card it's odd that these games don't run 100% smoothly. Do you think upgrading to the latest intel with the latest GeForce graphics card would fix this problem? edit: It's a Ryzen 7 16 core processor
  22. So I'm using Windows 10 with an AMD processor and AMD video card and I'm getting Video Ram Error whenever I load a NeoGeo game in Launchbox using Retroarch. My NeoGeo bios is in the games folder which I recently figured out and Retroarch is actually opening now unlike before where it wouldn't do anything and now I'm having this problem and I haven't found a post that provides a solution. How do I get NeoGeo roms to work?
  23. Now Sega CD isn't working. This is Ridiculous...a $1,200 PC and I can't run Sega CD games LOL. Saturn isn't working either. And PS1 doesn't work with epsxe or Retroarch BeetleHW/Beetle I'm going to test Gamecube and Wii but I don't have high hopes for those either.
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