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  1. I have used LaunchBox for years for my consoles. Recently I have built a vpin cabinet and I installed LaunchBox, many people had setup pinball fx3 and visual pin x on their cabinets. I have an issue however my main screen, “play field” is in portrait mode as it’s setup for pinball. Is there a way to setup big box in portrait mode so that it’s not a sliver across the middle of the screen ? I downloaded your theme creator because I have some good ideas for a layout for portrait mode but don’t know how change the program to take on the new 9:16 aspect ratio. Any ideas ?

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    2. MiniPinCab


      Thank You, I know your busy appreciate the help !!!

    3. MiniPinCab


      Great intuitive program !! Wanted something clean and simple. Used your gradient medium background. I am sure I will tinker more. Thank you for your help and fast response 


    4. y2guru


      Looks great!

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