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  1. HI, I see this is an old topic, however after watching ETA Prime's video on Daphne and Launch Box, Reading lots of posts, and seeing this bat file, with some edits I got it all working! I had to make changes to the file to run different switches in the command for each game (though lordmonkus bat is more streamlined using common commands and just setting the bank switch as a variable, I couldn't get it to work with all the games for some reason): The top part of the file refers to the name of each framefile then branches to the launch command with options. I found that i
  2. Thank you so much!! I've been clicking around randomly for hours!!!!!
  3. Hey I am new to Launchbox too, it did take over a full day to import my full MAME .219. In review, I think there were some problems at EmuMovies as well which didn't help. I had to re-start the process a couple times, but the last time worked, though as I mentioned, it still took over a full day, I think it was closer to two days.
  4. So got launchbox about two weeks ago now - Imported my MAME (219 cause that's what I could find) and have 2000+ games, many that I don't want. I did do the filter on import, so got rid of a lot.... I see the option to delete by right clicking the game. Does that delete just from launch box, and my guess is it will come back if I re-scan roms right? Is there a way to "hide" the game without deleting it? My guess might be to make a custom list? Also, I've got all the default lists like publisher, Capcom classics, Data East, etc. Can these be edited or how do I make a custo
  5. I am having similar issues, 24+ hours to import Full Mame Set, plus errors. I think the problem is at EmuMovies.
  6. I've noticed the same thing, I do not think you can change it.
  7. Try a fresh install of LaunchBox on a different computer and see if you have the same issues with the menu. Might be a good starting point.
  8. Is it normal for Launchbox/BigBox to take 24+ hours to download art from EmuMovies? (Importing full MAME set) Is there a problem at EMUMovies? Should I reboot? Seems to be really excessive, also getting occasional errors like -
  9. OK, I sorta see how to do that, can I edit / combine the existing play lists, or do I have to make new ones?
  10. I am new too, but guessing you haven't downloaded the art from emumovies, when you import it should ask you. However you must have a membership, and a premium membership to get the videos. Of course you can use your own and add manually. Not sure that what is going on, but that is my guess.
  11. (Using BigBox) Only doing MAME, so doesn't make sense to sort by platform. I would like to sort by companies, like SNK, DataEast, IRem, etc. How do I do that? Alternatively, might add Daphne (MAME and Daphne), but still doesn't make sense to sort by platform, how should I set it up?
  12. I would think a 4th gen intel i5 or newer based PC would be fine. Like dell 3020/7020/9020 i5-4590 8 GB Ram 1TB SSD GT 1030 should work for video with advanced shaders This is sorta a minimum. I use this config for MAME, SNES, NES, Sega with no problems. But my Main desktop is a lot beefier.
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