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  1. I doubt this is in the correct Forum, but I didn't know which one to pick. Anyway, which directories and/or files should I Back-Up, so I can re-install LaunchBox (e.g., PC rebuild) without having to manually add all my games in again?
  2. I have a game (Simutrans) that isn't in TheGamesDB. When I try to add it to LaunchBox, it only finds "[TheGamesDB] Smithereens (Magnavox Odyssey 2) (1/1/1981)". Is there a way to add it to TheGamesDB, so if others try to add it to LaunchBox, it'll be there? Websites: Simutrans or Simutrans at SourceForge
  3. Most of my games show artwork from the game itself in the background when they're selected. However, some of them (such as Antichamber, Sid Meyer's Civilization: Beyond Earth, Grim Fandango Remastered, and Tropico 5, to name a few) show random artwork in the background, from my own 'desktop backgrounds', instead of artwork from the game itself. What's up with that? Any assistance in how to get the 'games in question' to show their own artwork in the background when selected would be appreciated. Thanks.
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