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  1. Thanks but this way only shows Neo Geo manuals. Is there any site with this manual of SNES or Super Famicom ?
  2. Does anyone has the manual of Fatal Fury Special ? US or JP (Garou Densetsu Special) ?
  3. I'll try Mednafen for Saturn !!! Thanks
  4. Can I add scanlines shader on Yabause ?????
  5. I've updated for 1.5.0 and now its working perfect !!!! Valeu Claudio !!!!!
  6. Because my 1.4.0 does not load the memory card management screen... maybe something wrong in my config, but I tried a lot and nothing solved this issue. Due to this, I kept 1.2 only to manage memory cards
  7. I'm using 1.4.0 and the ISOs runs perfectly directly on the emulator, but when I started through Launchbox (desktop or bigbox), the emulator stops at the screen below
  8. Here is my launch screen: My ISOs are in a folder inside PCSX 1.2.1.. but Im using other version for emulate the games.... I only kept this old version, because in the newest ones, I cannot acces memory card management...
  9. Here's all my screens.... and also, thanks in advance to all to helping me with this !!!!!!
  10. Yes, the iso games runs normally directly on PCSX2. I removed --fullboot, but still have the same issue.
  11. My PS2 emulator is not working anymore. It does not load the iso files, only open the emulator. Below are my settings, is there something wrong ?
  12. Great theme, how can I download this one ???? Tks in advance ....
  13. How to run Sammy Atomiswave games with Demul 07a ?
  14. I asked in another topic to add suport for Emumovies.com videos in side bar, but was thinking to save space in my HDD and youtube videos (with autoplay feature) could be an option. We can upload our own videos, or choose any video from youtube to display in sidebar.
  15. Support for EmuMovies to add the movies in the details side bar will be perfect ! (for me, the side bar can contai the information from game name until the 5 stars, no need to have the big texts, so below we can add movies / tittle screen / screenshots to fix better in the screen. And also a way to search games by typping the name... or alphabetic jumping will help a lot !
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