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  1. Would that ahk work for steam games and launchbox thinking the game closed even though it didn't?
  2. That is exactly how it acts. The call to launch the game is great., the controllers are mapped, the game is launched, the buttons are perfectly lit. Then boom, I here the controller disconnect as UCR switches to my default profile and my FE_Active animation is now active. All while the game is still on the screen. Wondering if I am the only one, or if there is a better solution
  3. Does anyone launch steam games through BigBox and LedBlinky?
  4. I have the latest launchbox and have imported my steam games but when I launch the game LedBlinky changes for the game start, then immediately receives a game quit command. The game still starts but the additional startup application for universal controller remapper starts for the game then switches back to default. Even while the game is still full screen. Now, if I close steam and start from scratch it works great? Any tips?
  5. After messing around last night I got it to work. For some reason the game showed up as only an emulator and the log file said no rom detected. But after opening LaunchBox instead of BigBox it finally changed windows as the emulator and the game as the ROM. Working like a champ now.
  6. I am struggling for Windows games. Just a plain old exe file. In launchbox no emulator is selected and ledblinkys log file shows emulator tiger_woods_pga_tour_08, then follows up with no rom selected. What do I do here? Trying to light game controls.
  7. Using v1.3 of the launcher and I have the following problem. - Kodi does not close when starting bigbox. Close Kodi is yes. Because of this, my audio gets locked up and I get no sound in Kodi after closing. Which in turn makes my TV buffer. So I need Kodi to close and open, or Bigbox release the audio driver on exit. I take it nobody else is using the wasapI driver?
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