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  1. Yes thats where it locks up with epsxe for me. Thanks very much for letting me know it works with retroarch. Will give that a go. Cheers
  2. I was wondering if anybody has got 'World Cup 98', by EA, to play a match using epsxe. This was my fave game back in the day and the only PS1 game i have had an issue with. The menu loads up up but the game sticks on the pre-match loading screen. I have also tried various iso's.
  3. Thankyou for taking time to answer my question with such an in depth answer Iv'e followed your steps and it has worked great. Your a Genius ! Thanks again
  4. Yes the start up screen that comes up after you have clicked play to run a game. I havn't changed any theme so it must be the in built default theme that came with Launchbox
  5. In Launchbox (not bigbox) is there any way to slow down the disc spinning animation when a game loads. Only it spins so fast you can't see whats on the picture .
  6. Just wanted to say Thankyou for your tutorial. I have been messing about for days trying to run Vectrex games in LB, first with MESS (with no avail, i hate mess by the way) and then ParaJVE , which is a great emulator for this system. Got it up and running now . Thanks again
  7. Merry Christmas to all, especially Jason Carr for making the awesome Launchbox.
  8. Hi scree. Thanks for your reply on this. Iv'e found a solution to run the game with Launchbox by designating Demon Attack its own emulator. I tried using Nostalgia 4.2 and it works. So the initial problem must be a bug or something to do with version 5. Alot of messing for one game but its nice to run all games from Launchbox.
  9. scree said Hi folks. I'm using Nostalgia 5 to emulate the Mattel Intellivision. At the moment I have 12 Intellivision games set up in LaunchBox. 11 launch perfectly, but Demon Attack fails to launch and gives me the error shown in the first attached image below. Also, if I set LaunchBox aside and use the emulator itself (see image 2 below), I can launch this game either by clicking on it in the games list or by clicking the Run Selected Game option in the File menu. However, using the Load File option returns an error similar to the LaunchBox one. This issue appears to lie with either the game or the emulator and not with LaunchBox. Just wondering if any members using this system have had a similar issue with this particular game and if they found a solution to run it in LaunchBox. Hi, have this problem also. Having compiled a 600+ Atari 2600 and Fairchild collection, 29 games into the Intellivision games, this is the first game that won't run from Launchbox. Like you say , it runs by double clicking in Nostalgia. Have tried the rom file from different sources but still no joy. Sorry i can't help but wondered if you had found a solution.
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