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  1. 16 hours ago, RetroMonster said:

    Sorry i just wanted to correct Sagaopc, as the new Steam UI does not use gif covers, it uses standard and animated png files.  Now i do not have any understanding of software or the programming that goes into it, but would you be required to add that as a feature, i mean if someone just adds an animated png (which only shows up as a png file), then would it not just still work, though i know that the Steam Ui seems you have a file size limiet of around 12mb per png file, anything larger and it struggles to play the animations correctly.

    Cool Kodi has a similar feature with animated covers.  Not sure who makes them or where Kodi pulls them from ?... Curious does steam provide them in this case 

  2. On 8/16/2019 at 6:29 PM, Jason Carr said:

    Also, watch ETA Prime's channel on YouTube. He's going to be putting out a teaser video later today.

    Not like it's the first Frontend on Android. Don't see what they dont understand ? but yah we will all need some patience. 

  3. On 8/13/2019 at 7:48 AM, Pixel said:

    @Jason Carr What is the Android version for? Its purpose? I mean, the main LB purpose (for me) is to launch games from all different platforms with different emulators in one place (app). And now, I wonder why would I (or others who wanted/voted for it) would need an Android version? I won't be able to run Steam/Windows games on Android, for instance. But will this integrate with other Android emulators? Retroarch etc.? And will I be able to sync it with my desktop version of LB or at least import a playlist into Android (with all data and images etc.)? Thanks for your answer @Jason Carr:) A sync option (with an option what to sync to Android) would definately make me buy the Android version, though. Also, compatibility with other retro emulators on Android. However, I do not know how much work (and time) is that to achieve it?

    The only good thing about it (for me, personally) would be the ability to look through my favourite playlists and games when I am not at home. When I travel, for instance. Why? Because I am a PC player, like most people who love good quality games, and I am not a lover of mobile gaming on a touch screen, which I consider to be terrible (touch controllers, very small screen etc), except for games that are especially designed for such gameplay, fun etc.

    Is there any discussion on the forums here that would try to  answer those questions? Votes, yes. But why? Well, that's my mind on this.

    Maybe no discussion is needed. Just one sensible answer to the question.

    Personally I will love being able to fire up Launchbox on my Shield for emulating 16bit consoles and such.

    Using my gaming PC for playing Snes really feels like a unnecessary electric eater at times. 

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  4. Just now, Jason Carr said:

    The Google Play store is actually pretty amazing in that regard. Most of the time it's practically instant. No actual humans are involved in the process, which has its positives and negatives, for sure, but it does mean that it's pretty much instant after I release it. Apple on the other hand... ;)

    Ok cool I'm just going from what the internet told me.  Damn internet lying to me (Shakes Fist In Anger) 


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  5. He He.. 

    I am curious how long it takes for Google to approve. I mean with Windows you can push Betas out as you please, Playstore has the atautorisation time which I understand is usually 24 hours but can be days...  Maybe the APK can be downloaded on the forums for quick beta testing?...  Speaking of Forum will a complete Android section be made 


  6. Amazing ? didn't think you'd move along this quickly on Android development as well ?.. 


    Question/idea if the windows platform XML and more off ones setup can be backed up and imported over.  Maybe on import it could show the platforms color cooded for Android compatibility if there's a usable

    Example green the same as used on windows is available. 

    Yellow another Emulator is available for Android. 

    Red nothing available. 

  7. Uh really trying to stay out of Drama ?..  But seriously how many Other Softwares of any kind not just the other Frontends out there sees this level of development and even more how many developers takes so much feedback and brings new features and options based on the feedback...ll wait?


    Before the polls we had the feedback thing I forgot the name   @Jason Carr  it could be fun seeing what was on the old voting list bitbucket I think it was ?



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  8. Great stream the other day @Jason Carr I feel dumb for leaving the exact moment the feature I most want to see was up Multiple Save Stats for the pause menu..

    But oh well maybe some other time unless it's randomly done ?.  But still lots to be excited about Nvidia Shield plus Launchbox does sound great. 

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