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  1. i tried importing clones thinking it was that ,but no luck, i imported world region before, so ill try usa and europe to see if that helps.
  2. its nearly all the street fighters, that i know of so far, ill try the different regoin,
  3. I'm trying to import my mame collection, 181, and am finding that its missing games out of the import even after the ROM list parsing screen with ROMs on the list then after after import missing. Have changed to a diff ver of mame with no luck, and reimported the ROMs with different settings on the mame import screen with no luck.
  4. I was asking the same question about this, as I've just put BB on my bartop, when I had mala and maximus on it,they had the option to just right click and access the options of the FE.
  5. Seems to be so many issues with VLC on every release, why not try a alternative, media player classic, is a great light weight player.
  6. yea, that fixed it, thanks.
  7. Hi, bigbox is now crashing when starting games, have sent a bug report. cheers
  8. resuming the downloading of the hyperspin game videos causes launchbox to redownload the videos it has already downloaded. yea tryed it with both of the options not to replace existing fields, a few times,and it still overwrites.
  9. resuming the downloading of the hyperspin game videos causes launchbox to redownload the videos it has already downloaded.
  10. with the latest great work done by crititalcid in recording all the hyperspin platform and game videos, i was looking into making my bigbox look like hyperspin,to fit in with the veiws, but im having trouble getting by head around changing the theme, has anyone here gone about changing there bigbox to the style of hyperspin? i just need the logos bigger and on the right side along with the detail and video boxes not showing up.
  11. Great news, keep up the awesome work criticalcid.
  12. kpop

    bigbox on bartop

    Im just about to put bigbox on my bartop,but looking through bigbox i found i couldn't lock out the menu panel, so when bigbox is in platform view when pressing back it doesn't take me to the menu panel, is there a way around this or have i missed somthing
  13. kpop

    Refresh roms folder

    this would be a great feature to have,added to launchbox.
  14. ^^its called HyperSpin Cinematic......https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxNgRrtLSth94xOHNUHqUfw they are made as pre rendered videos so works great on launchbox.
  15. kpop

    loading cd based roms

    ive used retroarch and fusion,but hey both dont recognize the img format,unless i convert them to iso/bin, so am wondering if batch tool is out there,as it would be a pain going through each game one by one as theres 100s.
  16. kpop

    loading cd based roms

    Ive recently got the sega cd and turbografx cd collections, but they are all in the img file format which the emulators dont seem to recognize, is there a way to batch convert to bin or iso, or is there a another way around this?
  17. thankyou DOS76 the videos work great now.
  18. yea i cant seem to find the option either.
  19. just noticed there is a active post asking the same thing, sorry
  20. is anyone planning to transfer there clear logos from hyperspin arcoss to launchbox in the future, as im finding its one of the things that seems to be incomplete when scaping collections.
  21. CriticalCid will you be working through the themes system by system?
  22. not sure if this has been mentioned, when rescanning a game library using clrl a and downloading metadata and images, when using (yes but do not replace any exisiting fields) option, launchbox redownloads all artwork and videos overwriting what is already there, not just the missing Fields say videos, even when the catalog has been re downloaded, updating it again causes it re download.
  23. there was a thread on here talking about using videos as themes as the Hyperspin Cinematic Project is doing, would that be a option?
  24. so will this be the start of visual themes from hyperspin being used?
  25. can the layout for mame just be snaps and videos,and not boxcovers as the scraper for mame seems to pull in a mix of flyers, ads and screenshots for the boxcovers and makes it look messy.
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