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  1. Ok awesome. Thanks. Everything was correct for the core names being associated with the -L command however I did notice one of my cores was unchecked as a default which could have been where I installed a different emulator for the same platform. It would be nice to see a bulk edit for using the custom command-line parameters; unless there is a way I am not aware of.
  2. Up until a few days ago I didnt seem to have a problem using Retroarch between different emulation cores. I thought at first it was just me trying to reorganize my platform folders but to get to the point I noticed that when I try to play NES, SNES, or Sega Genesis that nothing would happen except the cursor would indicate something was loading then stop. No errors or anything else. However I could play PS1 and N64 fine. Today I discovered it appears that RetroArch may not be switching to the appropriate core for that platform. I discovered this by right-clicking on a game then running RetroArch and verrified which core was loaded then load the core if needed. My two questions are: Shouldn't Retroarch normally switch cores where I didnt have this problem previously? Is there a certain code to run where it would auto select the required core for a specific platform? Thanks in advance for all help.
  3. Glad to help provide ideas. I had another idea or two but not sure if it would be copyright or not. I can work on them and see what everyone thinks. Also, I was thinking if we had some kind of catchy phrase to go along with a design or something would be helpful too.
  4. I remember back in the day when I actually had a PS1 and discovered that if you just stuck the game disc in a cd player that certain games would play just the tracks on the game. Recently I got to wondering about if it were possible to somehow pull just the original game music from the .iso files or the roms. I noticed with the PS1 .iso files that some, when extracted, have files labeled Track1, Track2, etc but obviously cannot be opened with a media player/music player. If anyone knows of any ideas or alternatives thanks in advance!
  5. Honestly when I first started with PCSX2 I bought the AMD Radeon R5 220 which is an entry level GPU and I didn't see a performance increase with the games. Visually speaking I did with a sharper/more vivid picture since that GPU allowed me to connect my PC to my tv with HDMI and supports 4K.
  6. Yeah metadata has to be added manually. I think the most time consuming part on that is finding fan art, wallpapers, etc. for the movies. Would it be or is it possible to have a background image(s) per platform?
  7. Put in the switch and worked like a charm. Thanks once again Brad!
  8. Here is something I have came up with. One design with small differences. Since LB is used to launch retro games up to the latest next gen, I thought to try to some way convey that with the design. Let me know what you guys think. Tried to keep it simple. I also thought of maybe having a controller cord coming out of the LB Box logo or something.
  9. SentaiBrad said Gradient, it depends on what you are launching. Launching the Windows 10 Netflix app is already in fullscreen, use a program like DisplayFusion to have it always load on which ever screen you want and that's a solution. Though this is just an alternate solution. How did you add the link? Creating an HTML link shortcut and launch that? If so, find your browsers command line parameters, edit the "Game", or in this case the Netflix link, and on the first tab is command line parameters. Knowing the command line argument should launch it in fullscreen. I was trying to launch Google Chrome. As I mentioned I first tried passing the URL (which I had as the filepath for the "game") and tried launching it with an "emulator" which I had pointing to Chrome.exe. This just gave me an error saying the game could not be found. The way I did get it to work was just create a custom platform as Movies and added like I would by adding a rom one at a time to where all the game details are blank. The only fields I put info in was the title and the game file path was the full url including http:// I also made sure that the "game" was not running through emulation. Hope this makes sense. If not, I can submit screenshots of it later. EDIT: Thanks Brad, I did not even think to look for the switches. I was able to find the switch for Chrome launching in fullscreen. FYI it is --start-fullscreen and here is a link of other switches if any wants to play around with other things. http://peter.sh/experiments/chromium-command-line-switches/
  10. That was actually what I had setup as my first attempt to launch when I ran Netflix. I haven't been able to play around with it anymore yet. All I did was set the file path to browse where Chrome's .exe file is located. The downside of that is I could not figure out how to pass a website through LB into Chrome. So far the simplest idea seems to create small scripts for what website you want to launch (haven't tried but would seem to work). Below is an example script to launch Google: @echo start chrome.exe http://www.google.com @end If you do not know how to create batch scripts, just create a new text document place, for example that code, in the document and save it as something like GoogleStart.bat. Just make sure you are changing the file extension and not naming it 'GoogleStart.bat.txt' After that just have you custom platform made to categorize what you are launching and add the "Roms" in with a title and point to the batch file for the rom file path. Also make sure that you have each set to NOT run by an emulator in the Emulation tab when you edit the "Rom." Note: If you are wanting to do this with Netflix make sure you copy the link of when the video is playing to have it auto play. It will not be in full screen however.
  11. Not sure how big of a fan your are with the Myst series but the other day I came across a book I forgot I had. Didn't know it for a long time but the series also had a line of books. Haven't read any of them but I have this one. Thought you may enjoy. http://www.amazon.com/The-Book-Atrus-Myst/dp/0786881887
  12. No insult was perceived if you were referring to my reply either lol, and I agree my idea was still complicated. It would definitely hinder the performance of the machine having two applications run like that especially one running off a server. I must say that this idea is pretty cool having a setup of displaying the game on one screen and another/others display art and the game manual. A big payoff for this feature would be those games which have maps or game platforms such as the Nintendo DS.
  13. I am still a noob on LB and its technicalities but here is a brainstorm idea. I cannot say this would work but just a thought to throw out there (pseudocode). Setup would consist of having two LaunchBox applications installed; one as the client and one as the server. Client would run artwork and such for one display, server would run games (or the opposite) Within the game details of each game, have the details setup to call the server application to run that specific title. For example, within LaunchBox run Pac-Man, once Pac-Man is called, a second LaunchBox is opened with that title. That being said, outside of a client/server setup you could have the game details just call that game's specific manuel and/or artwork through a PDF viewer/Image Viewer. I do know that LB, through game details, has the ability to launch other things when the game is called. One section even allows you to specify in which order the run process takes place. Edit: Look into the 'Additional Applications' tab in the Edit Game window. May also be in the 'Other' tab as well.
  14. That one does not sound very pleasant. Do you guys know if by any chance if there are features to deter spambots within the forum?
  15. Hopefully this is in the right thread category. Few weeks ago I was toying on the idea of having LB launching movies from Netflix to be specific. Some may know this but all that needs to be done is to create a custom "platform" named ie "Movies" to categorize the links. Afterwards, I added the link via the process of adding a new rom. After putting whatever title you want and finding the custom platform of Movies in details, you just need to add the complete URL in the file location. This will then launch the link through the default browser setup. If anyone wants I can add the step by step process. My question is when LB launches the link is there a way to pass a function/method of the key F11 to fullscreen the browser through LB? I know it probably is doable through creating a batch script and have LB run that program once the link has been open but wanted to check if LB had some ability within that.
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