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  1. I read another thread here where someone was asking about it, but didn't get far with it, but I am hoping there is some command line option to suppress the GUI for RPCS3. I wouldn't really care too much about it, but I have BigBox added to Steam and I often use Steam Link to play games on my TV in another room. The problem I am running into is (and I am guessing it is because of the RPCS3 GUI Launcher) whenever I connect to my PC via Steam Link, launch BigBox and then launch the game I want to play for PS3, the Launcher appears briefly to load the PPUs and shaders and Steam Link will disconnect after about 30 or so seconds (sending video and audio to the PC monitor in the other room).

    If I launch it while at the computer, it's fine, but I noticed while Alt-Tabbing, the Launcher is still there in the background (I have it set to close when exiting a game), so I figure it's this Launcher that is breaking the Steam Link connection to the TV. I have no problems launching games for other platforms via BigBox over Steam Link and use PSNow and other apps also, so hoping there is some way to just suppress the Launcher entirely to see if that addresses it, but haven't been able to find anything helpful regarding command line options for Windows and this emulator.


  2. Just tried to update to Beta 3 and as soon as it attempts to install the update, I get this:



    Edit: I deleted the update file for beta 3 and let it re-download, but now get this:


    Either Try again or Skip this file do nothing to allow it to continue.

  3. I just reported an issue with LB/BB indefinitely loading when launching after updating to version 11.3 beta 2. i saw an earlier post about not loading plugins and that is where it gets stuck so it worked for me to remove the plugins completely. I don't know if anyone else has already stated this because I didn't go through every single post here, but I don't use very many plugins myself so after confirming it would launch with no plugins, I re-added them one by one and tested it until it hung up with the error report again.

    The only plugin that caused the issue for me was the AddToGamesDb plugin. All others worked just fine. I updated the bug report with this info too.

  4. SNK Neo Geo MVS 2D Cartridges (Front)

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    I decided to do a little updating on my setup and there isn't much I could find for cartridge art for the MVS, so I made some of my own. The only one I did not make is the Aero Fighters 2 one (got it from the LB scraper), but used it as the template for the others. These are all quick and dirty and not the best they could be, but they get the job done. Hopefully this helps others flesh out their art collections. I don't have a huge collection of MVS titles, but the download includes 2D cart fronts for the following:

    Aero Fighters 2 (since I already had it)

    Aero Fighters 3

    Blazing Star

    Captain Tomaday

    Crossed Swords

    Garou: Mark of the Wolves

    The King of Fighters 2003

    Magician Lord

    Metal Slug 4

    Metal Slug 5

    Prehistoric Isle 2


    Real Bout: Fatal Fury Special

    Shock Troopers

    Shock Troopers: 2nd Squad


    Zed Blade


  5. Hi All

    I've started working on a platform theme for the original Xbox (X360 after that) and I'm curious as to how people would feel if the music were a metal cover of the Halo theme song...  something like this:


    Having a difficult time finding original music that captures "Xbox" and Halo is a given for the platform, but didn't want to use a song directly pulled from one of the games for the platform. Want a remix of something or something original that fits.

    Thanks for sharing your opinions. If you have any recommendations, please let me know.

  6. Thanks guys! Adjusting the Legacy background image priorities in LB options fixed it.

    4 hours ago, Retro808 said:

    Image priorities got cleaned up a bit in a recent update. Jason did mention we would have to check our image priorities as some may have been affected by the update. So just go into your LB image priorities and check them.


    10 minutes ago, BluSonik said:

    @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT I had the same type of issue with one of the new releases and by the look of it we use the same theme so you may have the same issue I had...I spoke to Jason and he told me to ''Go to Tools > Options > Legacy > Images > Background Priorities and uncheck everything ''

    It worked for me, I hope this fixes your issue too 😁👍


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  7. Not sure if this is from an update or not because I have not made any changes to settings in either Bigbox or Launchbox in a very long time, but I noticed tonight that the box art thumbnail images are being used instead of my fanart backgrounds. Advent Rising sample below. I used Steam Banners as the box art thumbnails for PC games and you can see the background is the same thing instead of the fanart. If anyone might have an idea for what is going on and how to fix, I'd appreciate it. I went through the image settings in Bigbox but do not see anything that corresponds to using box art in place of fan art.


    Annotation 2020-05-05 232743.png

  8. ScummVM Unified Game Themes (16:9)

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    I decided to start a 'unified' set of themes for ScummVM. However, my collection only consists of 17 games, so the "complete" collection from me is going to be far from it. That said, I have also attached my After Effects project file in this post. It contains all of the assets used to complete this first video and the project file should be plug and play for any other AE users out there that might want to add to whatever I don't get up here myself. I will try and add other things too, but I have lots of other projects I'm working on, as well, so we will have to see on that. Anyway I hope people enjoy these for their own setups.


    The AE project contains everything to easily add new game footage, clear logos, background wallpaper for behind the game footage and music (or mute and use the game's audio) without needing to make too many adjustments aside from some minor tweaks here and there. There are many pre-comps in the project primarily to try and keep things tidy and easy to dig through. Should be pretty quick to crank additional videos out with this... I hope. :)


    I should be able to get all of these up before the weekend, but the full set of what I have from my collection will be:


    1. The 7th Guest

    2. Beneath A Steel Sky

    3. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

    4. Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

    5. The Dig

    6. Full Throttle

    7. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    8. Maniac Mansion

    9. Day of the Tentacle

    10. The Secret of Monkey Island

    11. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

    12. The Curse of Monkey Island

    13. Return to Zork

    14. Sam & Max Hit the Road

    15. Simon the Sorcerer

    16. Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe

    17. Zack McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders



  9. 7 minutes ago, Porl Hendy said:

    I see you have been putting out alot of great themes recently :) Thanks

    You're welcome! I've got about 4 or 5 other themes going concurrently. One is a revisit to making a platform theme for Mega Drive since I've never been super happy with the one I did some time ago. Once I get through some more of the current PC titles I have an idea for a "unified" video collection for people emulating with ScummVM.

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  10. Playlists Category Theme Video (version 2)

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    I was pretty unhappy with how the first one turned out. Made it in a rush just to have something in my setup since it has been blank for a long time. This is a second attempt and I think I prefer this one much better. All of the themes featured were made by me except for the TMNT one (made by @RetroHumanoid) and are downloadable here in the forums.



  11. SEGA Classics Playlist Theme Video

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    I did a couple of versions of videos for the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Collection release on PC via Steam and thought it might also make a good Playlist video for anyone that wanted/has a SEGA Classics Playlist, so uploading a version for that purpose, as well (clear logo above).

    Link to the PC Game Themes too for anyone interested in those:




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