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  1. ScummVM Unified Game Themes (16:9)

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    I decided to start a 'unified' set of themes for ScummVM. However, my collection only consists of 17 games, so the "complete" collection from me is going to be far from it. That said, I have also attached my After Effects project file in this post. It contains all of the assets used to complete this first video and the project file should be plug and play for any other AE users out there that might want to add to whatever I don't get up here myself. I will try and add other things too, but I have lots of other projects I'm working on, as well, so we will have to see on that. Anyway I hope people enjoy these for their own setups.


    The AE project contains everything to easily add new game footage, clear logos, background wallpaper for behind the game footage and music (or mute and use the game's audio) without needing to make too many adjustments aside from some minor tweaks here and there. There are many pre-comps in the project primarily to try and keep things tidy and easy to dig through. Should be pretty quick to crank additional videos out with this... I hope. :)


    I should be able to get all of these up before the weekend, but the full set of what I have from my collection will be:


    1. The 7th Guest

    2. Beneath A Steel Sky

    3. Broken Sword: The Shadow of the Templars

    4. Broken Sword II: The Smoking Mirror

    5. The Dig

    6. Full Throttle

    7. Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis

    8. Maniac Mansion

    9. Day of the Tentacle

    10. The Secret of Monkey Island

    11. Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge

    12. The Curse of Monkey Island

    13. Return to Zork

    14. Sam & Max Hit the Road

    15. Simon the Sorcerer

    16. Simon the Sorcerer II: The Lion, the Wizard and the Wardrobe

    17. Zack McKracken and the Alien Mindbenders



  2. 7 minutes ago, Porl Hendy said:

    I see you have been putting out alot of great themes recently :) Thanks

    You're welcome! I've got about 4 or 5 other themes going concurrently. One is a revisit to making a platform theme for Mega Drive since I've never been super happy with the one I did some time ago. Once I get through some more of the current PC titles I have an idea for a "unified" video collection for people emulating with ScummVM.

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  3. Playlists Category Theme Video (version 2)

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    I was pretty unhappy with how the first one turned out. Made it in a rush just to have something in my setup since it has been blank for a long time. This is a second attempt and I think I prefer this one much better. All of the themes featured were made by me except for the TMNT one (made by @RetroHumanoid) and are downloadable here in the forums.



  4. SEGA Classics Playlist Theme Video

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    I did a couple of versions of videos for the SEGA Mega Drive & Genesis Collection release on PC via Steam and thought it might also make a good Playlist video for anyone that wanted/has a SEGA Classics Playlist, so uploading a version for that purpose, as well (clear logo above).

    Link to the PC Game Themes too for anyone interested in those:




  5. 14 hours ago, Thornback said:

    Hey @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT, hope everything is going well for you. Just wondering if your Wolfenstein playlist theme was still in the works?


    Definitely on the way!! :D Will be up this week. I fully intended to have it uploaded at the end of last week, but decided to make a change that wound up taking a bit longer than I anticipated it would. Hold tight and sorry for the delay. I don't have as much time for these of late, but will definitely be coming through. Should have it available Tuesday or Wednesday (Tuesday is by b-day, so will have to see how it goes).



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  6. 13 hours ago, Jason Carr said:

    First off, I want to thank all of the amazing media and theme creators we have in this community for the incredible work they put in day in and day out. I'm constantly amazed how much awesome stuff gets uploaded here (and elsewhere) and I'm forever grateful for all of it.

    I wanted to let everyone know that LaunchBox 8.6 will be released soon with a lot of new features, including themes for LaunchBox (same theming engine as Big Box!) and a huge MAME overhaul, with updated metadata and a brand new full-set importer for MAME 0.200 (which is easy to update for new MAME versions). Most importantly though, there are a bunch of brand new automatically-populated playlists that will be immensely useful for peoples' libraries:

    • 2-Player Games
    • 4-Player Games
    • Ball & Paddle Games
    • Board & Card Games
    • Fighting Games
    • Flying Games
    • Light Gun Games
    • Maze Games
    • MultiGames
    • Pinball Arcade
    • Platform Games
    • Puzzle Games
    • Racing Games
    • Run & Gun Games
    • Shoot Em Ups
    • Shooter Games
    • Sports Games

    Of course all these new playlists will need images and videos! Thanks to @RetroHumanoid we already have some great videos available for most of them, but as we have so many video options for the rest of the platforms and playlists out there, I'd love to see some more options for these as well. And of course we'll need images:

    • Clear Logo
    • Banner
    • Fanart

    I'll be able to include the best clear logo and banner images with LaunchBox as we've done in the past with all the other playlists, and of course we can make all the videos available for download using the "Download Platform/Playlist Theme Videos" option in LaunchBox. Thank you all once again for all the amazing work, and I can't wait to see what's to come. :)

    I had an idea a while ago for a Shmups playlist, but set it aside after I started working on it because it quickly outgrew my skill level in AE for what I wanted to do, ha! That said, I can re-work that original idea for the Shooter Games playlist.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jason Carr said:

    Also, with your permission @dragon57, @Padou, and @CTRL-ALT-DEFEAT, I'd like to get you guys' videos uploaded to the server so that they can be downloaded directly via the theme videos downloader in LaunchBox. Just want to check with you all to make sure you're okay with that. You can PM me if needed. :)

    Hey Jason, I'm perfectly fine with any and all of my videos being made available for easier downloading by everyone here in the community!

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  8. Hey All,

    I just got a release update for 8.5 (which is weird because I got the release update for 8.4 yesterday) and there is an issue if LB is run in windowed mode (see the screenshot below). If you double-click any of the black area it will maximize to fullscreen and everything will display correctly, but in a window, you just get this. Tried a re-install, but got the same thing. Everything was fine until this particular update, so posting in case others are having the same deal. The notification window regarding what the updates entail was also doing this if opened windowed, but could be maximized to fullscreen to view it. Haven't noticed anything weird on the BigBox side of the house.


    Forgot to mention, you can also move your cursor to the edges (to get the double arrow) and drag it out that way to view in windowed mode.





  9. 2 hours ago, KCJ101 said:

    Is this possible?  Instead of an empty box when there isn't a game video,  is it possible to play that platform's video instead?  

    You could make multiple duplicates of a platform video and then put in the video folder renamed to the game's title.... time consuming if you have several you want to do this with.

    There isn't a specific setting that will let you do this without doing it manually though.

  10. Using standalone DOSBox you can for sure (albeit not necessarily something that will work for every game, but Xpadder/Joy To Key/Pinnacle Profiler are always options in those cases). Check this post on the GOG forums. It's possible that you can use the RA core, but not sure how you'd go about configuring a controller to use it instead of the standalone version:


    Don't worry that it references Xbox 360 controllers. This is really for any controller using Xinput

  11. I have the Auto-Hotkey script for using to Escape to close the emulator and can still use save states. I'm also using version 1.4 (I had some other non-related issues with the dev builds after re-imaging my PC a while ago, so reverted back to the release version, so maybe it's the dev build that's causing this weirdness).

    Probably not related either, but I also prevent PCSX2 from opening it's log window.


    Oops! Nevermind. Just read your update. Glad it's working properly again!

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