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  1. Hi guys and Gals. What xaml editor is being used to edit your themes? I'm using Kaxaml and I keep getting "cannot find resource named 'UserControlStyle'. Resource names are case sensitive." on line 10. TIA
  2. Zombeaver Thank you for seeing what you can do for the Gameboy and Gameboy Color, as I am certainly looking forward to seeing the outcome of my setup with the art you have created! as for Ps4 I completely understand and will wait. I only request it and have it on my system because I have been working on my home automation setup and will be done hopefully in a month or so.... What the Ps4 wheel will do is when I click the game, and then click play, it will then run a script, send a signal to my harmony hub(change input) to my Ps4 source on the TV, then dim my lights, and also adjust my surround setup to game mode from theater mode. It wont be able to launch the specific game unless i can tie it into PC remote play some how and have it auto navigate to that game from there... but that's something I will look at in the future.
  3. Gameboy, Gameboy color, ps4. That's all I'm missing so far. Thanks! I really like the sketch ones. Is there a way I can donate to you for these artwork pieces?
  4. Can I request PS4? Maybe with Black ops 3 guy in the background? I have PS4 on big box to show off my games collection lol I can send more consoles as I add them to Launchbox.... You have all the consoles I have plus a few more. Great job!!!!!
  5. I am really enjoying this new theme feature on big box..... Messed around on the comp for an hr or so making some icons and organizing/downloading platform images. Not to bad I don't think! You rock @Jason and this community! Keep up the great work, and I cant wait to see what else gets created.
  6. I want to say that all is good now! IDK what i did but it all works now! thanks again sorry for the double post but just updating.
  7. I have closed all instances in task manager, uninstalled launchbox, then it says it will have left over files i will need to delete... so I delete the extra files but is says i cant delete the launchbox.exe until i restart comp, then it allows me. once all launchbox files are deleted from my comp including the setup exe i got emailed to me, i redownload it, install it, add license.xml, open launchbox, enable beta updates, close launchbox, reopen launchbox, click yes to installing beta release, then let it do its thing... now after a few mins, its like it finished but instead of closing completely, it just removes the window from my sight, then it still has the setup tab in the bottom taskbar, even when i click on that, it wont open the window... i left it multiple times for hours and it just wont go away. I even tried closing it from task manager, reboot pc, then try and launch it but it just does the loading cursor and never opens. thanks DOS76 for the interest in helpin me.
  8. DOS76 said Click tools from the LaunchBox menu then go to options then click updates and check the check box to get beta updates then restart LB and it will prompt you to download the beta. I try this over and over with it not fully installing. I cant launch launchbox when i click the icon.... it also says setup tab on my taskbar that wont go away as if its still installing even hours later. I tried a dozen times with no success with the same outcome each time... any suggestions? Thanks. ps. i have installed beta updates before flawlessly but this one seems broken on my end.
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