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  1. Hey friends, so I've been pulling my hair out for a few hours trying to track down a poker game I used to have. It's about 10 or so years old, single player and involved a campaign consisting of tournaments. I seem to remember it was related to WPT or WSOP but none of their poker games seem to be it. It's probably abandonware by now as it had graphics like PS2 quality. The graphics and voice acting was horrible, but back then it was great.. lol. I'm almost sure it was https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0480483/videoplayer/vi1308492057 but it was on PC/Windows. Although I'd love to find th
  2. Great tutorial! I got stuck on the scanning though - it's not detecting any games after a lengthy scan. I have both the TOSEC and WHDLoad sets -
  3. I'm perfectly happy with it as-is. I'm glad other companies don't send Email to their entire userbase about their drama. It was extremely unprofessional, petty, and won't result in a thing. Jason decided for it to be DRM-free, and this is one bad thing about doing so. If it comes down to a legal matter, Jason should contact his lawyer, not all of his customers. I hate to break it to ya, but most inside of this community, much less outside, knows how much of a scumbag Chris Shaw is. A solution instead of telling customers about the drama: The licences should of course be revoked (I be
  4. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    So I guess these are done?
  5. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    Knowing would be nice.
  6. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    Are you done with these @Jason Carr?
  7. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    I guess another no-show. @Jason Carr can you please let us know when you're not going to stream so we're not just waiting around? Thanks.
  8. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    Oh I'm glad everything is ok. It's unlike him not to let everyone know if the stream is cancelled. A lot were wondering both Monday and today.
  9. @spycat That error was exactly why I asked. As popular as that game was I'm surprised the Apple IIGS pack didn't include a working copy. The web and dos versions have major issues too.
  10. DJQuad

    Live Streams?

    Did the live stream schedule change or something? Lots have showed up and not a word from @Jason Carr saying they've been cancelled. I hope everything is ok.
  11. So far no-go. Does Dark Castle work for you in MESS? (Apple IIGS)
  12. Not sure if you guys saw https://blog.archive.org/2017/04/16/early-macintosh-emulation-comes-to-the-archive/ but it's pretty cool. I'm wondering how we can launch this from LaunchBox...
  13. Oh ok download AutoHotKey itself from https://autohotkey.com/download/ then
  14. It's always best to run scripts, emulators, etc outside of LaunchBox first to make sure everything is kosher before integrating into LaunchBox. Do you have the script saved? If not just save it as doomii.ahk and run it. A little H icon will appear in your systray. Then just run Doom II and see if anything works.
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