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  1. Perfect. I found my nirvana with SelectedItemZPosition 2 and Spacing 1.5. Then, i have a "less dense" wheel more focused on the selected games that cover less the wonderful fanart bgs. i suggest to try it and consider to use it as default values.
    At the moment, imho, is by far the best solution for Arcade. I love this theme, and with game specific cabinet it could be perfect. I only like to remove the glowing marquee, or at least have an option view without it. 5 star
  2. Fixed, thanks! This theme is by far the best for Arcade. Is it possible, with a small edit of views file enlarge more the selected clear logo game?
  3. I mean in the correct folder. I add, for example, Aero Fighter to fanart background and Launchbox it found me correctly in Media - Images. But in BigBox when i select that game there is always the default background. Also, for glowing marquee, as Joeyt9628, it would be nice remove that effect. But i get the same error if i use the modified views.xaml that you posted before. Thanks in advance e congrats again!
  4. This theme is very cool! I have two problem: is it possible remove the glowing animation in background? it's quite intensive in resources for an old pc. Also, i put the fanart in the proper folder , but don't change the background when i select that game. I have to respect any kind of file syntax?
  5. Hello, where i can download this additional backgrounds/banners? In the default theme it seem that Sega Master System is missing. How can i add/edit more backgrounds? Thanks
  6. Sath

    Multiple Profile/Users

    Too bad. I'm surely vote it in the next poll. Also if i want to make a machine with only Computers, and another one with only for example Consoles, or Arcade, i have to manage different Launchbox installation, right? (at the moment i share one installation thorugh different machines with OneDrive)
  7. Hello, is it possibile have multiple profile or users in BigBox? I mean, one profile for example call it "Dad" with some games and platform, and another one profile for example called "mom" with others? Under the same Launchbox folder/installation of course. Thanks in advance
  8. it would be very nice if it will become a standard, great job!
  9. Can i suggest some modifications? i think i'll make this my next standard theme For example, i don't use videos for platform, so i modified PlatformWheel1FiltersView.xaml to remove them. It would be nice if you make a PlatformWheel2 "no video" view, only horizontal wheel with clear logos. Also, for GameView it would be nice if there is a clear logo of previous and next game. Something like this:it makes more "wheel sense". edit 1: also, i absolutely love the background for platform view. What about to make it a background video, with the same image that it moves veeery slow?
  10. Very nice and clean theme!
  11. I think that an automatic refresh of image cache at BigBox startup should be mandatory, at least as an option. If there already is, sorry but i miss it
  12. Correct me if i’m wrong, but the purpose of refresh Image Cache is to use it when you add or change some images and you still are in BigBox, right? in my case i create some playlist outside bigbox, i config them from launchbox, i launch bigbox, some of them work perfectly, others not. I close bigbox, close pc, past several weeks(i dont care much about it), i restart, i use it, still doesnt work until today that i want take matter more serious. i dont know if image cache renew automatically at startup, but i have to remove manually the files to fix it.
  13. Nevermind, i fixed removing ".bbflow-Playlist-Clear Logo-Final Fantasy" from folder Images\Cache-BB. What seems strange is that for some playlists i have this issue since their creation, others instead work flawless.
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