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    Thanks!!!!!, downloaded it, unzipped it, overwrote my existing 220 mame64.exe file, - NAG SCREENS GONE! Took less than 2 minutes. I don't know why it is that a recompile is required to to do this. There is probably some programming or emulation reason, but it seems like it would be nice to allow the option directly in the mame.ini file, as this question is continuously asked by people over and over a thousand times. I get it, the ROM isn't perfect, it has issues. I don't need to be told every single time I start the game.....
  1. Could be, I took those screen grabs a while back to illustrate that point, but I am on the latest version now, I definitely auto-update to the latest versions when they come out. Everything is working great, of course that issue with the spacing remains but it sounds like there will be a way to fix it in the future which will be great. Its not a huge deal, just something that would look a bit nicer if fixed. Other than that I have zero to complain about, LB is great stuff and does exactly what I want it do. Launch games!
  2. I don't remember what version I was on when I took the screen grabs, but if you are asking about how it looks - this is just standard LB which I customized using the standard tools for colors, text, etc. I like the black minimalist style of interface so that is what I tried to create. I can provide the details about how that was done if that is of interest. That would be great, thanks!
  3. I have a similar setup for Windows and most platforms. But the N64 boxes (as an example) are shaped differently. So they end up looking like this, with too much empty space between rows. I think the only way to resolve this is to have separate spacing and aspect ratio settings for each platform, if that could ever be possible. N64 Windows
  4. The primary reason I found Launchbox was because I wanted a simple unified way to run all of my PC DOS and Windows games from a single menu. These include a bunch purchased from GOG as well as a lot purchased from Steam. Steam can supposedly do this and I spent some time trying it, but it fell short as far as handling the non-Steam games. Well, actually it sucked. Launchbox handles it just as it should be handled with a minimum amount of effort. So that’s a completely legal and legitimate way to launch the games that I BOUGHT with my money. Just sayin’.
  5. Just chiming in because I saw the same thing, I like to set it at zero so there are no game titles or any other text underneath the cover art. A better implementation might be another control that defines what is shown with the art, such as game title, game title + publisher, etc, as well as the choice of NONE which is what I prefer, thanks.
  6. Some additional settings for the Sumatra PDF config file you might like: ShowToc = false If set to the default true, there will be a list of bookmarks on the left side of the view if they have been created in PDF. This will get rid of that. CheckForUpdates = false Default is true, I don't see a need for this to be happening automatically in the background, could cause issues. Better to just update it manually every so often. RememberOpenedFiles = false Default is true, if left as true it will keep adding onto the config file with a set of parameters for every PDF that is opened. This doesn't seem necessary, and setting this to false will keep the config file compact and small.
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