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    Legitimacy of Lauchbox the Software?

    The primary reason I found Launchbox was because I wanted a simple unified way to run all of my PC DOS and Windows games from a single menu. These include a bunch purchased from GOG as well as a lot purchased from Steam. Steam can supposedly do this and I spent some time trying it, but it fell short as far as handling the non-Steam games. Well, actually it sucked. Launchbox handles it just as it should be handled with a minimum amount of effort. So that’s a completely legal and legitimate way to launch the games that I BOUGHT with my money. Just sayin’.
  2. Just chiming in because I saw the same thing, I like to set it at zero so there are no game titles or any other text underneath the cover art. A better implementation might be another control that defines what is shown with the art, such as game title, game title + publisher, etc, as well as the choice of NONE which is what I prefer, thanks.
  3. Some additional settings for the Sumatra PDF config file you might like: ShowToc = false If set to the default true, there will be a list of bookmarks on the left side of the view if they have been created in PDF. This will get rid of that. CheckForUpdates = false Default is true, I don't see a need for this to be happening automatically in the background, could cause issues. Better to just update it manually every so often. RememberOpenedFiles = false Default is true, if left as true it will keep adding onto the config file with a set of parameters for every PDF that is opened. This doesn't seem necessary, and setting this to false will keep the config file compact and small.