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  1. For the n64 platform could we get an accessory or a different controller instead of a 3rd N64 controller on the side? For Sega Genesis why is it displaying half orange half red? Same think on SNK Neo Geo CD with 2 different purples. I want all my backgrounds to be just 1 solid color. I don't see support for platform categories? Could support for text with details be added as a games view? Also would it be possible to move the game box art in the game view? See attached image. I'm running latest Colorful Dark and love it.
  2. I'm trying to have: Complete Xbox Collection, All Gamecube Exclusives + Gamecube versions of any game on GC/PS2, and all PS2 exclusives This will save massively on space and usually offer the best version of each game. There are some notable exceptions like Need for Speed Hot Pursuit 2 and others, but I've already taken those into account. A full xbox set is pretty straight forward, all gamecube exclusives straightforward, all ps2 exclusives straightforward, but does anyone have a list of crossplatform games that (at the time) were only on GameCube and PS2?
  3. For Sharp X68000 games, Is there a way to combine all .dim and .m3u files for a game into 1 single file that isn't just .zip .rar ? I want a single file that isn't an archive for each game like .CHD or .CSO like other platforms have. Thanks.
  4. Will we be seeing Battle.net and Twitch Launcher integration any time soon? Playnite already supports both these launchers. Since Playnite is open-source, maybe you could look at their code for how they did it?
  5. @vikingJust some of my ideas for improvement.
  6. Here's my region priorities, and none of them are Japan?
  7. For example on this game it correctly ID'd the game and got some of the media but not the 2d-box art?
  8. Just a catch-all for games with that type of content. I'm not literally saying games not appropriate for work.
  9. As much as I love going through and removing every NSFW game manually, it'd be a lot easier to remove/delete them as an import option just like with MAME. Could we get a NSFW database tag so we can filter these out? Or just filter unlicensed in general? I'm sure it'd get a lot of use. @CBeatt13 @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus @neil9000
  10. Codeman

    Poll Results

    @Jason Carr RetroAchievements already pop-up in Retroarch so if anyone wants that feature I'd just recommend them RA. I think it's best to move on with a new poll, and if the old stuff is still in high demand it'll be shown there. Also wasn't pinball support coming before the next poll? Thanks.
  11. How is awarding ranks based on work & time invested in the database not community driven? Should heavily used platforms with correct information be left as open as others the sake of being left open? Disregard the ranks and dedicated support if you must, but will you at least consider: a: Conforming to 1 unified naming structure of platforms / better organization of platforms b: Adding some safe-guards to popular data (Mario, Zelda, ect) so current moderators don't have to waste time with bad requests
  12. Fixing the Database: #1 Dedicated Help: The database is crucial to the Launchbox experience, but it seems to always go to the wayside in favor of flashier features. It's even somehow still in "Alpha". So why not let Jason handle Launchbox development, and have designated volunteer(s) or a paid staff member handle the database? #2 Protect Correct Data: Values in the database should have an "Is this is correct?" option next to them that is only visible to moderators. Selecting "Yes" on this option + games that haven't been changed in years would go into the current DB change approval queue with a poll for mods asking: "Is this correct?". Once there are a very significant number of "yes" votes, the data would no longer be open for requests to change it. Moderators would also have the option to flag previously marked "correct" data as invalid. Records should be kept on which games are constantly being changed so that they can be fixed 1 time, marked as correct, and everyone moves on. We should narrow our focus on completing a correct database, rather than wasting moderator time on junk requests for popular games. #3 Protect "complete" Platforms: Changes to "complete" platforms (for example: NES, SNES) should require much more votes than normal to pass. This would lead to less junk for moderators to sort through and fewer duplicates. Currently a request can be made about any game or value. No one wants to moderate when the next several changes are just someone adding Mario, Zelda, etc to the NES. #4 Moderator Ranks: Moderator ranks could be a continuing incentive and could serve many different functions. The Lowest tier would just be the same as the current moderator. Medium tier would be unlocked at x20 the current DB moderator requirement. This would give double the voting power on any changes, and requested changes would say "Submitted by a veteran moderator". Top tier moderators would have all previously mentioned perks, but would only be selected by Launchbox staff. Their votes would count significantly more than a regular vote. They would also have the option to suggest a timeout or ban on users. Both medium tier and top tier moderators would have access to an exclusive forum section to discuss the database & suggest database changes/features. Finally, anyone who has submitted a very significant amount of work to a certain platform should get a badge/tag marking them as a "Platform Expert". #5 Fix Platform Names/Organization: Platform names should be consistent. Either make all Platforms have their company as a prefix or none of them. For example, all other consoles made by NEC have "NEC" in front, so "PC Engine SuperGrafx" should be changed to "NEC PC Engine SuperGrafx". Platforms should also be grouped together by their company. Please add a "Database Revamp" option in the next poll so the community can decide on this. @Jason Carr @Lordmonkus @neil9000 @Zombeaver @DOS76 @RetroHumanoid @Charco @Retro808 @keltoigael @kmoney
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