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  1. hello these are lovely !! your missing a few titles that would make this a complete pack and they are: After Burner clay fighter 2 pinnocchio sonic the hedgehog ( sonic 1 ported to sega 32x by sonic retro to take advantage of the advance colour pallet fully playable )
  2. for that view it be nice if the gamelist view matched the platform background colour. atm the canvas is white, I did a very lazy example in paint so don't judge lol with white text it look very uniform, so the gamelist colour changes per system to match
  3. @viking so I started playing with your theme xml file and to fix the big play button outline I changed: Stretch="UniformToFill" to Stretch="Fill" and the result
  4. almost the text needs a slight adjustment but very close
  5. so I have a 3440x1440 screen which I believe is 21:9 , so your theme has black banding, view platform wheel 3 filters is my fav view, is there a way to make ur theme full screen? if not I have a suggestion. I ported your 4k video to Emulation station and colour matched a system video background and made a 32x32 blue square for megadrive, in theme xml file I then set it as a background as a tile so the blue fills the entire screen and laid ur video over it. wondering if a simlair thing could be done with your theme for this view? I am new to launchbox so im not sure how the theme works.
  6. did you make a template for imandix also???
  7. thank you so much !! amazing and extremely simple
  8. Hello 👋 I came across this thread looking for the same answer, for cover commander can you show us the batch script you used please? I am new to this and can’t find a guide online for it ty i guess Imandix uses a warp around template ?
  9. Hey guys so the last few days I been busy making a complete set of icons of controllers to be used for Big box I am still currently making my big box themes and making the console atm the same style as these. anyways I thought I be nice and share my controllers with you. If I have missed any systems and you like these please feel free to put in a request and I will add it to the collection :) the pic is just a example there are 26 icons for 26 systems in the zip,
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