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  1. Thank you for the reply I think I got it all sorted out. (I suspect I still need some fixes for permissions on those other drives but for now everything is working OK) although I have not tried to do any game saves and those might give me some issues.) If I copy files to the old drives (they are like 3 months old) things do fine, but when something else tries to save data like a portable web browser for instance. It could just be this new version of Windows... I suspect a patch or update will be forthcoming with some sort of KB number and fixing issues. Edit: Doh... *slaps for
  2. Well like 2 days ago I installed the creators update for Windows 10, I had Comodo Antivirus and firewall installed on my system... The update is not compatible with one of those things... After Windows rebooted from the updates nothing worked right, all the icons on my desktop had zero text and programs where missing text and I couldn't even perform a system restore (broken stuff) None of the tools I would normally use to repair Windows with would work. OK no problem just reinstall Windows and all my stuff? (This is how I learned that Comodo was not compatible) OK 2nd Windows insta
  3. Just wanted to start a topic about maybe adding some sort of way to access cheats from LaunchBox? Most emulators have some built in function to cheat at games, but right now if you want to use cheats for most emulators you have to drop out of the front end and go into the emulator itself to activate them (MAME is a nice exception, you just bring up the menu and off you go. Also on this topic Pugsy's Cheats for MAME go get it now! lol) I have been thinking about how to add this, it seems very complex... or maybe I am making it harder than it has to be? Most of the time I don't even care
  4. I would put my vote in for that, so far I have tried some of the other front ends for Android (there are two that I know of) and neither of them are as fast or easy to set up and after spending hours trying to get everything working, I just tend to give up and use the emulators are they are. Not that the UI for them is bad or anything but once you get spoiled by LaunchBox it's hard to go back lol LaunchBox is hands down the best front end for anything I have ever used.
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