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  1. It's because that monitor is currently the primary display in BigBox. You will need to adjust that in your Bigbox settings to move another monitor as the main display and it will begin working again.
  2. I was coming on here to see if such a thing existed. Love the plug in, but would really love to see a feature where the clear logo pngs are transparent and you choose an option to layer them with fan art, video, etc. This would be great for Steam games as they feature marquee art and clear logos
  3. This might be a long shot. Sango Guardian Chaos Generation Steamedition
  4. Looking for a clear logo for Nobiteke! Byon Byon Daisakusen
  5. Yeah I could barely find anything that gave me a quality look at the logo. But thank you so much, gonna try to get some info added to the database on it shortly
  6. This one might be a tough one. NB Heartbreakers Advanced
  7. Amazing as always. Thank you
  8. This one's fairly new but can't find a good clear logo for it.
  9. Surprisingly there are no good transparent logos for Maximum Tune 3 on the internet despite how popular the racers are.
  10. Not much to be found on this unreleased game but this was the best logo I could find
  11. Haven't seen one for Dead Heat
  12. Possible clear logos on these?
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