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  1. It's been tough trying to find decent logos for Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max and Kinnikuman Muscle Grand Prix Max 2 Tokumori
  2. Cant seem to find this one anywhere
  3. TBH i didn't know a PS3 version of the unreleased game was out there. I just looked it up today but love knowing thats a thing
  4. Cancelled 360 game Aero-Cross
  5. I wonder if this would be possible since i dont see a logo anywhere
  6. To work off that image provided and to make a presentable image is amazing. I havent been able to find quality scans online since this was a prototype. But thank you, this is perfect for frontend use
  7. A decent scan of the side art and marquee have been difficult to track down for a clear logo. But this pic should hopefully be helpful
  8. You are a graphic artist god.
  9. This one might be too busy but its the closest I can find to a good logo grab. This is for Wrestle Kingdom 2 on PS2
  10. Here's one for Contra Evolution Revolution. Aside from the title screen, havent been able to find any other logo art other than this flyer
  11. Haven't seen this one posted anywhere
  12. Any chance of getting this one?
  13. Updated to the beta and it works now. So I guess its not working with 11.6 But I also ran into the same error as above
  14. I'm on 11.6. I tried to redownloading and still the same issue as above. I can get into Launchbox but nothing when right clicking a title. Do I need to be on a beta build?
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