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  1. To work off that image provided and to make a presentable image is amazing. I havent been able to find quality scans online since this was a prototype. But thank you, this is perfect for frontend use
  2. A decent scan of the side art and marquee have been difficult to track down for a clear logo. But this pic should hopefully be helpful
  3. You are a graphic artist god.
  4. This one might be too busy but its the closest I can find to a good logo grab. This is for Wrestle Kingdom 2 on PS2
  5. Here's one for Contra Evolution Revolution. Aside from the title screen, havent been able to find any other logo art other than this flyer
  6. Haven't seen this one posted anywhere
  7. Any chance of getting this one?
  8. Updated to the beta and it works now. So I guess its not working with 11.6 But I also ran into the same error as above
  9. I'm on 11.6. I tried to redownloading and still the same issue as above. I can get into Launchbox but nothing when right clicking a title. Do I need to be on a beta build?
  10. Removed it and plugin options are not there when testing.
  11. Not sure what to do as I have used powershell to attempt to unblock it and that didn't work
  12. @srxz I am getting an error to unblock the Unbroken.LaunchBox.Plugins.dll. Theres no option in Windows under properties allowing me to do so.
  13. Is there an option to do this without having the Game Startup screen enabled? Also it would be a nice feature if you could select an application/emulator to direct it to while hiding other windows as well. Definitely helps when using a frontend and hiding some of the background windows for some emulators.
  14. Any update on if the installer will allow you to install to the root of a drive? Installing and copying the files is still working but still tedious
  15. Anytime I attempt it states: You must enter a full path with drive letter; for example C:\App or a UNC path in the form: \\server\share I was manually able to move it there and run the application from the root of the drive but anytime I get updates I get this error. Now I have to install it else where and manually copy the files to the root that its currently installed on. I was wondering if there is a way for the Wizard to allow you to either install it to the root or provide rar/zip files for updates to manually install.
  16. Is it possible to allow installing/updating from the root of a drive in the future?
  17. Loving all the new Steam import updates. My only wish is that the import wizard would allow you to choose the platform to install to instead of Windows. I have a Steam Platform on my set up and constantly having to change it is a bit annoying.
  18. Yeah it would be nice if it moved onto another random video instead of looping. I'm also curious why the random video option only works for platforms but not any other category like playlists, genres, etc.
  19. Is there a way to make this work for playlists as well?
  20. Happen to know which? I love Nielk1's plugin but would love to import to my Steam platform instead of the default Windows platform through LB
  21. Awesome. So I am not the only one with this issue. Been happening for at least a month but i thought it was just something up with my install.
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