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  1. And second/third level tree view indentations for the side bar if you get a chance, please. 😁
  2. I have also had issues with multi-select and then trying to subsequently making another selection from the same platoform later and it not making the correct 're-selections'. I never put together an exact way to replicate it as it wasn't 100% so I didn't report it yet, but it definitely exists. The workaround is to switch platforms and come back to it for selections to work proper again.
  3. p bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    Hey @eXo, maybe relevant to your interests, maybe not: https://tech.slashdot.org/story/18/06/05/2130254/70-long-lost-japanese-video-games-discovered-in-a-67gb-folder-of-roms-on-a-private-forum I see they are being uploaded here for the first time (not all there yet), and some of them are Windows 95 CD-ROMs such as the long lost Labyrinthe sequels the article mentions: https://archive.org/details/@philsalv
  4. p bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    This reminds me of this bounty -- http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-5076.html?s=7eae2ed1e3db2c730f3fe356a57d2c60 Using the retroarch version of dosbox seems like a good solution to this if it could mount just using the config files but the current structure doesn't seem to allow that. This would allow for other cool things such as auto-controller config and rewind, too. Maybe someone knows a better way and can cash in on that bounty
  5. Could we do 2 letter jumps (or more) for those of us with large collections? I know this is technically a feature request and this thread is for feature parity, but thought I'd try as it may be easier to nip this when you're already delving in this particular code
  6. I'm thinking he means the option to truncate the text/set maximum number of lines like LB does (as having too many lines is what causes the images to go to different sizes).
  7. CTRL+F to access the search bar Show version
  8. p bizzy

    ExoDOS Import

    Anyone look at this? http://www.rlauncher.com/forum/archive/index.php/t-5076.html
  9. Since that .NET update it hasn't been very stable for me period, especially when doing intensive things like imports. No error message, just dies. Had to go back to 7.10
  10. Is that GlideN64.custom.ini from when it was the old name? I don't have that file.
  11. That's what I have...trying everything fresh. Oh, well. Thanks for your help, though. You would think the console would show where its trying to find a texture pack at least if that option is enabled.
  12. Yeah, both are enabled (tried with it off as well). And with a couple different packs. I'm at a loss. Using latest Mupen64plus core with (now) Retroarch 1.6.4
  13. No one? I thought everyone else got this working but me >.<
  14. Can someone post/pastebin their Retroarch console log of what it looks like when a hi res texture is loading with the mupen64plus core? I have txHiresEnable set to "True" and the console reflects this on startup, and have tried putting the .htc files (downloaded ones as well as generated ones that work in pj64) in every possible place it might look in the Mupen64plus system folder of Retroarch but for the life of me can't even get it to show me it's trying to locate any textures, much less load them.
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