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  1. Hi everyone, I also have this issue and it frustrates me no end. The theme sees the metadata as it shows in the text list of platforms, but there only. It doesn't show in the view shown here. Some metadata does show ie the actual systems. so it's difficult for me to diagnose. Also any metadata I add never seems to show, I'm not sure if that's helpful. I know nothing of theming though but can check .xml files etc. Help here is greatly appreciated as it ruins my favorite theme.
  2. When I said 'annoyed' I just meant that I'd run out of patience waiting for the issue to resolve itself. I was only commenting to suggest the issue was longer than a couple of days.
  3. I've not had the option for game theme videos since they were announced. I'm lifetime with both LaunchBox and EmuMovies and can download from EmuMovies site, FTP server etc. I've been very patient but it's annoying now.
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