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  1. I run the games in mame. Iso files converted to chd. You need fmtownsux in the mame rom directory. Probably not the best way, but seems to be the easiest. Although, I have to alt-tab to close the window, because alt-f4, esc, or ctrl-c all seem to not work. I also had to use a duplicate of mame64.exe renamed it (fmtowns.exe) cmd options are fmtownsux -cdrm
  2. Cooked mine medium well. Although I admit well done does look a lot better. Thanks for the work, can't wait until you get the dark rolled out officially.
    I love the theme. Only it's so bright. Its beautifully designed, and has everything I would want a theme to have. I would like to see it in gray, with darker text, and darker icons. Other than that, spot on. Would it be ok, if I modified the colors, provided I did not distribute it?
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